I want to see the sea with you-1

/October 2021

I met Xu Hanchuan in the summer after the end of the college entrance examination. to release the pressure of long-term preparation for the college entrance examination, my parents decided to sign up for a tour group and let me go out for a trip. 

I held the colorful brochure of the travel agency for a long time and finally decided on the route of the Rizhao three-day tour. 

At that time, in our somewhat closed inland town, the tourist routes to Qingdao, Dalian, Yantai, and other seaside cities would be very hot in summer. 

For me to choose this relatively "unpopular" route, my parents were very confused at first, but in the end, they chose to respect my decision. 

It was the first serious look at the sea in the first 18 years of my life, and now I am very glad to have chosen Rizhao, a quiet seaside town. 

Because I met Xu Hanchuan there. 

It was nearly noon when our bus arrived in Rizhao, and after the hotel was settled, the guide gave us some time to move freely. 

The hotel is not far from the seaside, I took my fellow girl Lin Lan ran to the seaside. 

In the distance, the sea breeze is a vast expanse of golden beach, and the nearby shore is interspersed with the shadow of whirling trees, full of the tenderness of the city. 

Taking advantage of the low tide, we ran to the beach to take pictures. After Lin Lan posed for a long time to the sea behind her, I took some pictures of her with my mobile phone. 

We stepped barefoot on the fine sand, taking pictures while playing, and suddenly felt that we had stepped on a foreign body underfoot. We looked down and saw that half of our ID cards were exposed in the fine sand under our feet. 

I picked it up and gently read the name on my ID card: Xu Hanchuan. 

Xu Hanchuan on his ID card is handsome and a native of Rizhao, two years older than me. 

A series of questions ran through my head, such as why he came to this coast that locals were already familiar with, and why he had lost his ID card on the beach. 

When I realized that I was inexplicably curious about a boy I had never met, I smiled a little mockingly and sent the ID card I found to the police room. 

I received a call from Xu Hanchuan at noon the next day. I was traveling with a tour group on Peach Blossom Island. 

After going ashore in a speedboat, I was a little dizzy. I took out my cell phone and saw that there was a missed call, which showed that the place where I belonged was Rizhao. 

I called back in some doubt, and after only one sound, I got through the phone conveniently. A clear and straightforward male voice came from the receiver: "Hello, this is Xu Hanchuan. Thank you for picking up my ID card. I'm sorry. The police in the police room said that you only left this contact number. May I ask what to call you?" 

"Ye Wanqing." 

"I hear you're a tourist in Rizhao, aren't you? 

I am a native of Rizhao. May I ask where you are now? I'll come and see you. " 

Perhaps afraid of being a little abrupt, he added, "it doesn't mean anything. I just want to thank you in person." 

Maybe it's because I haven't lost my dizziness when I just got off the speedboat, or it could be something else. I said, "I'm on Peach Blossom Island. Come here." 

"well, this is the guy you found your ID card with yesterday, isn't it? what a beautiful accident." 

On one side, Ling Lan smiled and winked at me. 

When Xu Hanchuan arrived panting, he specially brought me a bottle of chilled coke. 

I took it, unscrewed the top of the bottle and the bubbles in the coke splashed all over me. 

As he handed me a tissue, he apologized to me again and again: "Sorry, I want to buy you a cold drink because it is too hot. Maybe I ran so fast that it blistered." 

Looking at his formal explanation, I suddenly burst out laughing.

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