I want to see the sea with you-2

/October 2021

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To express my gratitude, Xu Hanchuan acted as a free tour guide and took me to a lot of Rizhao local scenic spots that day. 

In the evening, he insisted on taking me to the seaside for a barbecue: "come to Rizhao, and in the evening we must go to the seaside to have a barbecue and watch the night view. This is not a wasted trip." 

Xu Hanchuan told me that when he went to university in Dalian, he always felt that the mountains were high and the rivers were wide, and he wanted to have a look at the bigger world. When he left his hometown, he found that what he missed most was the landscape of the small town. 

So, from the beginning of the fall, he will take a break from school and return to the small town where he was born to try to start a business. 

When he said this, he smiled mockingly and then gulped down a glass of draft beer. 

I looked at the boy who met by chance but hit it off again and felt that he was in perfect harmony with the night behind him. At that time, I secretly thought that he must be a male classmate with a story. 

After reading the itinerary drawn up for us by the travel agency, Xu Hanchuan suggested that I should continue to skip the group's regular tour plan for the next two days, and he continued to act as a free tour guide to show me around the city where he lived. 

Looking at him with a sincere look on his face, I agreed to his proposal almost without even thinking about it. 

The next afternoon, after experiencing fishing from a nearby fishing park, he quickly dragged me to the seaside to pick up shellfish. 

After taking off my shoes, I walked barefoot in the fine sand. At first, I was a little trembling for fear of being hurt by the sand and gravel at the bottom of the water. 

It turned out that I was worried too much. The sand in this area was very fine and the soles of my feet were very soft, just like stepping on a fluffy dream. 

I held a small plastic bucket in one hand and a small shovel in the other, scraping the fine sand in front of me. When I picked up the first clam, I shouted excitedly to Xu Hanchuan for a long time. 

Hearing the sound, he straightened up and quickly snapped a picture of me laughing in the afterglow of the setting sun. The picture was so beautiful that it took me a long time to use it as a computer desktop. 

We had a good harvest that afternoon, and the clams, scallops, and scallops we dug were filled with two plastic buckets. I can imagine the joy and satisfaction of seeing the sea for the first time. 

I excitedly posted a circle of friends and soon received a screen full of likes, in which the blue sea portrait of Xu Hanchuan looked very conspicuous. 

It began to drizzle on the last day of sunshine. That morning I glanced out of the window, thinking that Xu Hanchuan might "stand me up" because of the rain, but soon I got a new message on Wechat, saying, "pack up and get ready to go downstairs. Everything goes according to plan, and remember to bring an umbrella when it rains.