I want to see the sea with you-3

/October 2021

I almost trotted down the third floor of the hotel and found that Xu Hanchuan had been waiting in the hall for a long time. 

Xu Hanchuan has a large tea garden at home, and Rizhao green tea has long been famous, especially in the hot summer, it is a very pleasant thing to quietly taste a cup of tea. 

Although I have developed the habit of drinking tea with my parents since childhood, I have never set foot in a real tea garden. 

So, when I heard that Xu Hanchuan was going to take me to the tea garden to experience picking tea, I cheered and danced for a long time. 

On the way, he popularized a lot of knowledge about tea to me. He said that spring tea was of the best quality in a year, but at that time, spring tea had been sold out, and summer tea was relatively poor in appearance, but it also tasted good. 

That day we picked tea for a long time in the tea garden with umbrellas. He told me that these newly picked young leaves would become the usual tea leaves after being fried and dried. 

Later, every time I drank the Rizhao green tea given to me by Xu Hanchuan, I couldn't help thinking of the day when he took me to pick tea in the tea garden. 

It was still raining when we left the sunshine, and the bus of the travel agency had already stopped at the downstairs of the hotel early. 

Everyone held up their cell phone cameras and took pictures around to bid farewell to the city. 

Seeing me coming with Xu Hanchuan, Lin Lan shouted to me in a long voice: "Wanqing, I've been waiting for you for a long time. I thought you were going to leave the regiment completely and not go back with us!" 

After putting me on the bus, Xu Hanchuan waved goodbye to me: "Bon voyage." 

His voice was low, his eyes were deep, and his good-looking eyes were full of tenderness, like the comfortable sun and gentle sea breeze in the city. 

At that moment, I realized that something was suddenly different. When I got along with and accompanied for more than two days, there should be a feeling that I had never thought or dared to think of before, and was with the sunny and funny him. I seem to be able to walk calmly in the daylight all the time. 

When the bus started, he stood alone by the side of the road, looking at his straight but lonely back, I suddenly had a little sore nose. 

For this city, I came and left in a hurry, and in the end I couldn't take anything with me. 

When I got home, my life was soon filled with annoying things such as college entrance examination scores, and I hesitated in the uncertain future and my parents' ardent expectations with an awkward score. 

Xu Hanchuan's greetings still come frequently, and sometimes he sends me some photos of Rizhao on Wechat, in which strange tourists and passers-by seem to be quietly reminding me of my wonderful encounter there not long ago. 

When I volunteered for the college entrance examination, I didn't seem to spend much time persuading myself to give up the bigger and more prosperous cities and sign up for schools in Rizhao. 

After filling in the volunteer, I left him a message on Wechat: I hope we can have a chance to meet again when autumn begins.

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