I want to see the sea with you-4

/October 2021

When I volunteered for the college entrance examination, I didn't seem to spend much time persuading myself to give up the bigger and more prosperous cities and sign up for schools in Rizhao. 

After filling in the volunteer, I left him a message on Wechat: I hope we can have a chance to meet again when autumn begins. 

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I soon received his reply: yes. 

A bright smiling face was added at the back. 

The day I received the college admission letter from Rizhao was the happiest day in the first 18 years of my life. 

Not only because the hard work of more than ten years of life has finally come to a successful end with such a ceremony, but also because the city and that man whom I ran into not long ago because of an accident when autumn comes, I can finally gladly meet with it. 

When I sent the photo of the admission letter to Xu Hanchuan on Wechat, I saw that "the other party is typing" on the chat page appeared over and over again for a long time before he sent a brief "Congratulations, Rizhao Welcome you". 

Later, after we had been together for a long time, he took the initiative to talk to me about his state of mind at that time. 

He was not unintentional to me, but we just knew each other at that time, and he didn't want his abrupt confession to disturb my choice, so he had been carefully hiding his burning heart before I volunteered. 

But even so, I am not completely unable to feel his heart. 

I am a little glad that I can become the one who softens his eyes and even secretly sketched the future with him a long time ago. 

Before I met Xu Hanchuan, like many of my peers, I was always looking forward to the world outside. 

But it was not until I came to Rizhao and met Xu Hanchuan that I knew that there were still lakes and mountains in the streets of the small town, where I could not only have a bright future but also reap a wonderful love. 

For Xu Hanchuan, Rizhao is his way home, where all the mountains and rivers can make him turn around and reach his way home. 

As for me, maybe shortly, I will be able to walk side by side with Xu Hanchuan calmly in the streets of Rizhao and willingly accept the gifts of this small town. 

At least since we met each other, Xu Hanchuan and I have always treated each other with the most sincere heart. 

I have reason to believe and expect that something good will happen when autumn comes.