I was seriously drunk with the strongest wine in those years-1

/November 2021

When browsing moments, I browse to the state of a high school classmate. 

"Happy breakup." 

Calculated, they have probably been almost four years, if you count the junior high school when the little ambiguity, it will be five or six years. 

Watching them on and off, quarreling. 

Along the way, I thought I could see the future. 

I still can't avoid the end of the song. 

Student love, or a road to the end, will be able to survive. 

Or, like most, walk in the wrong direction and wave goodbye. 

The beginning of mutual affection is just as good. 

Dillydally in the classroom to the end, just to say goodbye to him. 

When it comes to recess, he goes to the toilet at the end of the corridor just to pass by the door of his classroom. 

Give snacks to a bunch of people around, just to give him a person. 

Because we can sit together, a bad place like cram school will become the biggest expectation of the week. 

When I got a ride home from school, I accidentally touched his waist and my heart jumped like a flower for a long time. 

And I know that when we are coming to the end, it is since he no longer replied to my message that I can no longer find him at any time. 

It was when we walked together that he was at a brisk pace, regardless of my procrastination in the back. 

I traveled all the way to see him, and he no longer came to pick me up. 

When I left, I went to the platform alone. 

At first, you frowned on the person who will be distressed for a long time, and now you directly tell him that I am angry does not matter, is the same person. 

At first, I was willing to talk to you for two hours on the phone. I still have a lot to say. It's the same person who asked you if you were okay and I hung up. 

So we always have to break up. 

Either today or tomorrow, this month or next month. 

Student love, after all, is difficult to encounter obstacles in TV dramas. 

There is no life or death, and there are not so many family feuds. 

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