I was seriously drunk with the strongest wine in those years-2

/November 2021

Even after entering society, there is no concern about firewood, rice, oil, and salt, and there is no need for you to spend a lot of money for her. 

In the final analysis, it is just that two people who have never seen human suffering since childhood are willing to slowly overcome their long-term inertia for another person, smooth out their edges and corners, and grow up slowly in impetuous adolescence. 

What you can't get is always in an uproar, and those who are favored have nothing to fear. 

You always have to experience loss to know how to cherish, you have to completely break a heart, to learn to take care of another heart. 

But the regret is always, when we really slowly learn not to be late for an appointment, no longer unreasonable regardless of the occasion, learn to be gentle, brave, learn to be responsible, and take responsibility. 

There are very few people around us who have known each other for a long time, just like we know ourselves, and it is very difficult for us to dig our hearts out for the person who has a little heart. 

The obstacles we encounter are no longer as simple as they used to be. 

What's more, gentleness, bravery, responsibility, and responsibility are learned overnight. 

I saw a guy who drank too much at a party and called his ex-girlfriend who didn't know how many ex-girlfriends he had before. 

He said I miss you so much. 

Tears and snot flow down together. 

And after waking up from drinking, he is still holding his current little girlfriend in his circle of friends to show his affection in a high profile. 

Miss is only the sequela of carnival, hangover always needs a reason. 

Can not go back to the high school days and his high school girls, but also to their boast of youth. 

I received a text message in the evening, saying that I had not told other boys. 

"I still have all the letters you wrote to me." 

He said. 

"throw it away." 

I said. 

"I had a reason." 

He said. 

"are you terminally ill?" 

I wanted to reply viciously. 

But I don't want to say anything anymore. 

We have all given our hearts in different ways. 

We just couldn't understand each other at that time, no one owed each other, and there was no need to remember love. 

You were the strongest wine in those years, and I was drunk. 

When the fragrance dissipates, a bowl of wine dregs.

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