I went to prison for you twice in seven years-1

/November 2021

In the second half of the second semester of the second year of senior high school, the boy fell in love with a girl at school. The girl was very beautiful, but she was a very depraved girl. He knew that she often hung out with some gangsters, and her father left her alone, because after her mother died, his father married her stepmother. 

In spite of this, the boy still likes her involuntarily. 

Every day the boy would follow her on her way home, but she always went to bars and discos with some gangsters. 

Every time the boy saw this, he was very sad, he decided to change the girl, he expressed his love to the girl, the boy is more handsome, but the family economy is very general, not very rich, at first the girl looked down on him, but the boy did not give up. 

Perhaps the boy's sincerity moved the girl, the girl finally agreed to him, but the girl said that 1000 yuan is urgent, the boy reluctantly but still asked his parents for money to her. 

The boy is very kind to the girl, everything spoils her, as long as the girl asks for the boy will try his best to agree, the girl asked him for money several times the boy gave her. 

One day when it rained, the boy took off his clothes to protect the girl from the rain. As a result, the boy had a high fever. 

In this way, they spent half a semester under the full care of the boys. during the summer vacation, the boy said he wanted to work, and the girl said to go. Anyway, I don't have time to be with you all day. 

The girl didn't know that when the boy gave her money, he twice borrowed 500 yuan from his classmate, and he wanted to work and give it back to his classmate. 

The summer vacation was over. The day before school began, the boy said he had 2500 yuan and wanted to buy something with her. The girl was very happy to let him wait for her at the door of a bar. As soon as they met in the evening, a gangster kidnapped the girl with a knife into an alley. He put the knife on the girl's neck and threatened him to hand over the money. He gave it to the man, but the boy snatched the knife when the man let the girl go. 

Put a knife to the man's neck and asked him to give the money back when two policemen were patrolling by. 

When they were taken to the police station, the man bit back, saying he robbed and the girl said it was him.

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