I went to prison for you twice in seven years-2

/November 2021

What the police saw was that the parents of the boy who asked others for money with a knife came. The boy said that he had earned it by working. He put up small advertisements for others in the middle of the night after his parents went to bed, and in the morning he secretly went home to earn money. The police went to investigate, but those advertisements were illegal. The manufacturers saw that the police had already run away, and the boy did not explain any more. The boy was sentenced to five years in the end. 

The boy was so sad that he finally realized that the robbery was planned by the girl. 

In fact, the girl did not know that the 2500 yuan was the one he wanted to buy her the mobile phone she had been fond of for a long time. If she wanted it, she would definitely give it to her. 

In fact, the boy didn't know that he was robbed of him because the girl's friend was in urgent need of money. She didn't love the boy at all. 

Four and a half years later, when the boy got out of prison six months early, he found the girl, who worked as a waitress in a bar. the girl was no longer who she was four and a half years ago, and she has been away from her friends since then. 

The boy silently watched the girl leave without saying anything, the girl felt unspeakable guilt, tears swirled in her eyes. 

The boy got a job and ran a business in a factory. 

He worked actively, achieved high business results, and became a sales manager after half a year of popularity. 

He still often goes to see the girl, and he weeps every time he sees the girl falling in love with her boy friend, but he still secretly goes to see her again and again, and he can't forget him all the time. 

Once he went to see the girl, the girl did not go to work, he learned from the girl colleague: the girl has leukemia with suitable bone marrow but no money to see a doctor, her father does not care about her, her boyfriend also left her. 

Half a month later, someone donated 300000 to the girl, the girl was saved, the girl wanted to thank the kind-hearted person, but she could not find it. 

Three years later, the boy came out of prison again. it turned out that the boy took advantage of his position to misappropriate 300000 yuan to save the girl, but he never said where the 300000 was going, and he was sentenced to another three years. 

And his parents had been too sad and died of illness one after another. he sold the house left by his parents in tears and went to another city to work. Before leaving, he found the girl again. He secretly watched the girl walk hand in hand with a man. She got married.

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