I went to prison for you twice in seven years-3

/November 2021

Three years later, the boy came out of prison again. it turned out that the boy took advantage of his position to misappropriate 300000 yuan to save the girl, but he never said where the 300000 was going, and he was sentenced to another three years. 

And his parents had been too sad and died of illness one after another. he sold the house left by his parents in tears and went to another city to work. Before leaving, he found the girl again. He secretly watched the girl walk hand in hand with a man. She got married.

The boy left and left the sad city. Two years later, the girl at that time, the woman now, suddenly burst into tears when she was reading the newspaper with her son in her arms. It turned out that it was reported in the newspaper that a young entrepreneur was sentenced to three years for embezzlement five years ago.

 After two years of hard work in another city, he finally became a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur. He returned the misappropriated money to the factory yesterday and apologized deeply to the factory director. And the picture of the entrepreneur turned out to be the boy who once loved her. She realized that the kind-hearted man who saved her turned out to be the boy she had framed, that he had always cared about her, and that he went to prison for her again, and that night she burst into tears.

The next day, when the woman went out to buy food and went home, she suddenly saw a familiar figure of the boy, and he was standing in front of a Mercedes-Benz looking up at the window of her house. She stood there in tears. He looked back and looked a little at a loss. After a while, the boy said, can you have a drink with me? The girl nodded in tears. They came to a bar where she had asked him to meet. There was almost no one in the bar, and the women kept crying. They sat down at a table by the window, and the boy said, "how are you?"

The woman said in tears, "I'm sorry to you," the boy said, "Don't cry, you haven't been sorry to me, you know, I have never blamed you, ten years, I spent seven years in prison for you twice because I love you. Now that your husband has divorced you, can you give me a chance? I still love you! " With that, the boy cried, and the girl just watched him cry. The two looked at each other in tears, tears fell down their faces, fell into the wine, and splashed with small but the most beautiful tears.

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