Ice sculpture lovers

/September 2021

Du Junhui, an ice sculpture artist, participates in the ice sculpture competition every year and has won many awards. This winter, after winning the trophy again, Du Junhui said to his girlfriend Zhou Xiaoqian: "Tomorrow I will take you to Qingsong Cliff to find ice cubes for your statue."

The altitude of Qingsong Cliff is not high, but the mountain is steep. Du Junhui chose the ice there because he and his friends went there to play a few years ago and met Zhou Xiaoqian. They fell in love at first sight. On the night when Xiao-Qian Zhou handed himself over to him, Du Junhui made a promise to choose a good piece of ice at Qingsong Cliff as a statue of lovers.

The next day, they were ready and drove to Qingsong Cliff.

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Ice sculpture lover Qingsong Cliff is more than 100 kilometers away from the city, and the car stops at the foot of the mountain. Du Junhui got out of the car and looked up at the smoky cliff top. Because of the thick snow, they had a lot of trouble to get to the smoky place. In fact, these are not smoke, but hot air. In a crevice, steaming rhythmically, the snow on the rock next to it began to melt because of the hot air, and the dripping water quickly became ice, forming an "iceberg" with a height of more than ten meters, and the falling leaves solidified on the ice, which was a natural work of art without carving.

"It's so beautiful!" Xiao-Qian Zhou clap slap happily.

Du Junhui put down the big backpack, took out the tools, stood not far away, looked at the big ice cubes, looked at Zhou Xiaoqian again, nodded and said to himself: "It's perfect." Then he picked up his tools and began to chisel ice. Xiao-Qian Zhou said to pick up some dry branches, and then light the fire to keep Du Junhui warm.

About an hour later, Du Junhui felt a little tired and turned to greet Xiao-Qian Zhou for water, only to find that Xiao-Qian Zhou was not at all by his side. He hurriedly pulled out the mobile phone, only to find that there is no signal here. His hands are trumpet-shaped, shouting the name of Xiao-Qian Zhou, but where there is Xiao-Qian Zhou's response. Du Junhui was nasty, and followed Xiao-Qian Zhou's footprints to look for it. After half an hour, he saw a pile of dry wood and hurried over, only to find that he had stood on the edge of a cliff. He hurriedly stepped back and didn't slide down.

Du Junhui a butt sitting on the ground, could not help but burst into tears, it seems xiao-qian zhou run. He wanted to go down to the mountain stream to look for it, but because of the heavy snow, he couldn't see where to go down, so he had to sit on a raised rock, hoping Xiao-Qian Zhou suddenly appeared in front of him.

Time passed by, until it was getting dark, Du Junhui was sure that Xiao-Qian Zhou really had an accident. He simply packed his tools and went down the mountain, and called the police at the nearby police station. However, the police said that the road is slippery at dark now, so they have to wait until tomorrow.

One night, Du Junhui stayed up all night. The next day, without breakfast, he took several policemen and three or four experienced villagers to the scene of the accident. A mountaineer stood on the edge of the cliff and looked at it. "Don't bother, it's hard to find it even if there is no snow." Everyone sent some regrets and went back one after another, leaving Du Junhui standing there staring blankly.

Du Junhui wanted to think, took the tool and came to the front of the huge ice, and cut it desperately. Because of this ice, Xiao-Qian Zhou had an accident. Now, he wants to carve this ice sculpture into a lover's shape.

A few days later, just where Xiao-Qian Zhou slipped and fell off the cliff, a lifelike "Xiao-Qian Zhou" stood there, looking back and smiling, which made Du Junhui deeply grieved.

At home, Du Junhui put all the tools in the basement, locked himself in the house, and drank himself every day. He didn't go out for half a month.

This morning, Du Junhui just sat up in a daze when she heard the doorbell ring. Open the door, he immediately froze, stood at the door unexpectedly xiao-qian zhou!

"Xiaoqian? You ... I ... "Du Junhui suddenly became incoherent, and he slapped himself in the other hand, which was very painful, not a dream. He cried with joy, stretched out his hand to pull xiao-qian zhou, but she deftly duck. Zhou Xiaoqian said: "Let's talk in the house."

Du Junhui quickly let Zhou Xiaoqian into the house sideways. Zhou Xiaoqian looked at the wine bottles scattered on the living room floor and said with distress: "How can you ruin yourself like this?"

Du Junhui smirked, squatted on the floor, and kept talking in his mouth, asking Xiao-Qian Zhou where he spent these days. Zhou Xiaoqian said that she went to collect dry wood that day and accidentally stepped on the air and fell off a cliff. When she woke up, she found lying on a hot heatable adobe sleeping platform. A bearded hunter was boiling water to cook.

"So, you lived in the hunter's house for half a month? You ... "Du Junhui picked up the bottle in his hand and fell to the floor.

Zhou Xiaoqian nodded, bowed his head and said, "He is my lifesaver, so we just ... because he said that without his help, I couldn't get out of the mountain at all, and maybe I won't see you all my life. But I still want to see you, so I promised him. "

Du Junhui sat down to the ground and remained silent for a long time.

"So, you just don't let me hold hands, also related to this? However, I don't care, I still love you! " Du Junhui said, and will embrace xiao-qian zhou.

Zhou Xiaoqian hid by the sofa and said, "If you love me, don't touch me, let me stay with you for a while."

"Stay for a period of time? You mean going back to the mountains? "

Xiao-Qian Zhou nodded, tears flashing in his eyes.

Du Junhui was anxious: "Go, you take me to the hunter, if he doesn't promise to return you to me, I will fight with him!"

"No, Junhui, you can't beat him. One day, I saw him subdue a wolf with his own hands. " Zhou Xiaoqian said emotionally, "I know you love me, but I am not the original Zhou Xiaoqian now. I just want to live with you for a while and never come back ..."

Since then, Xiao-Qian Zhou has lived in this house carefully. She cleaned the room every day, but she just didn't cook. Du Junhui thinks it doesn't matter. He gets up early every day, cooks well, and then calls Xiao-Qian Zhou to eat. Xiao-Qian Zhou eats very little, just watching Du Junhui intently, as if afraid that he will suddenly disappear. Du Junhui also proposed to let Zhou Xiaoqian see a psychiatrist. Zhou Xiaoqian shook his head and said, "I am normal. Don't push me. Let me stay with you for a while." Looking at Zhou Xiaoqian's painful expression, Du Junhui suddenly felt so incompetent.

Soon spring came. On this day, Xiao-Qian Zhou cleaned up the house, left a note and left. Just Du Junhui forgot to take his mobile phone when he went out that day. When he came home to see the note, he hurriedly drove to chase it.

Under the cliff of Qingsong, Du Junhui saw a figure slowly climbing up the mountain, and quickly stopped to climb to the top of the mountain. When I was close to the shadow, I only felt my eyes flash and my figure disappeared. He ran past, where Xiao-Qian Zhou disappeared, and saw his carved "Xiao-Qian Zhou", which was slowly melting in the sun, and his head was blurred. Immediately, he froze. On the finger of the statue, there was a diamond ring, which he gave to Xiao-Qian Zhou a few days ago.

Suddenly Du Junhui woke up. Why didn't Xiao-Qian Zhou let himself hug or even shake hands when he came back? It turned out that it wasn't really Xiao-Qian Zhou. Xiao-Qian Zhou had left the world, and her soul was attached to the ice sculpture. In order not to let herself melt, she not only made up the story with the hunter, but also never approached the place where there was fire, and did not let Du Junhui turn on the heating ...

Du Junhui burst into tears, rushed up, hugged the ice sculpture tightly, and said emotionally: "Xiaoqian, don't worry, I will let you come back!"

A few days later, the headline of the Evening News reported an explosive news: A young ice sculpture artist, costing millions, installed a glass igloo on an ice sculpture on the top of the mountain, and a cable went up from the mountain just to keep the ice sculpture at a low temperature of MINUS 30 degrees Celsius all the year round.

While Du Junhui turned his residence into a "refrigerator". Now, although it is spring outside, the temperature in his room is kept below zero.

On this morning, Xiao-Qian Zhou laughingly appeared at the door of Du Junhui. Du Junhui knew that he would never be separated from his beloved again this time.