If you fall in love deeply, please marry early

/September 2021

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Getting married means no longer going on the road alone  

Girls like romance. However, unlike many suitors around Xiaoye, Xiaoling is not a romantic person and will not deliberately do some formal romantic actions. Xiaoye smiled: "I didn't think at first that what I liked would be a person without romance. However, now he is slowly becoming a little romantic. "  

Young lobules are very spooky, and romantic little ideas are as numerous and shining like stars. She will put a card under her pillow and draw a "treasure map" on her business trip. The next morning, far away from home, she would send a text message to Xiaoling, telling him there was a surprise under her pillow. When Xiaoling saw the handwriting on the card with sleepy eyes, how could she be moved and sweet without rising in her heart?  

The romance of Xiaoling felt by Xiaoye is very small, but it is very practical and warm. For example, Xiaoling will remember a dish she liked when they were dating before, and then she will often order it to her quietly. Especially when a large group of friends gets together, there is a small dish on the noisy dining table, which silently exudes his care and gentleness for her as if it had been first seen ...  

Xiaoye didn't like cooking before. However, based on the idea that it is happy for a woman to cook for her beloved man, she began to try to cook for Xiaoling. When she watched Xiaoling eat her cooking, Xiaoye fell in love with cooking.  

When love reaches a certain level, marriage seems to follow. On the way to get the certificate, the couple joked with each other as usual: "Hey, you are going to marry me soon. Can I interview your mood now?"  

According to Xiaoye, at that time, she was not as panicked and excited as she had imagined, but she would silently think in her heart: "I will not only be my own in the future." Xiaoye said: "Now I am glad that I can marry Xiaoling at the age of 22. If life is a road, I will walk alone before the age of 22, and after marriage, I will be accompanied by him no matter what. Compared with my peers who are not married, I feel that I am much richer than them. "  

I went to Vietnam on my honeymoon. Because Xiaoling is a photographer, wedding photos must be DIY! Walk all the way, take pictures of each other, and take photos with a tripod. Especially worth mentioning is the group of photos of Vietnamese churches. At that time, they traveled to a church, and a church keeper came out of the church. Because of the language barrier and lack of understanding of local customs, Xiaoye felt that the hall keeper probably came to stop them from shooting. However, I didn't expect the church keepers to speak good English. When I learned that they were on their honeymoon, the church keepers took the initiative to tell them which angle of the church was the most beautiful and enthusiastically introduced many scenic spots, and finally sent the most sincere wishes ... At that moment, they were in another country, using another language, and got another blessing from afar, which seemed to be an Oracle, indicating that they would be happy for a long time. 

A house is not home, but a place with love is home  

They still have no plans to buy a house. "The house is not home, and the place where there is love is home." Xiaoye said happily: "Beijing's housing prices are so expensive. Instead of using so much money to buy a pile of reinforced concrete, it is better to use the money to travel around the world together." Many girls will feel safe when they have a house, but Xiaoye feels: "A house is not something that can give people a sense of security, but a marriage full of love."  

For children, Xiaoye said: "It will happen sooner or later. But you don't have to plan and let it go. " Perhaps because there are no children, friends often say, "You don't look married, but you are in love." Indeed, there is no difference between them before marriage and after marriage. "The feelings of two people after marriage are getting better and better.". Perhaps Xiaoling is not a romantic person in herself, so the expression of emotion has always been calm and there is no gap. 

Of course, there will inevitably be quarrels between husbands and wives, usually because of some small things in life. After all, the two have opposite personalities, different life experiences, and expressions, and some things lack communication: "How can you not understand when I speak!"  

At this time, two people will calm down for a few hours, take back their previous bad feelings, and then makeup slowly. After a long time, we get to know each other's temperament, and there are fewer and fewer unnecessary disputes. Xiaoye said frankly: "I am a hot character, some places are not mature, and sometimes there are some excessive behaviors, but he can be tolerant." Inclusion is indeed the key to optimize marriage and the fertile ground for the development of relationships.

On June 21st last year, they made up their dream wedding, and Xiaoye wore the most beautiful wedding dress. She smiled: "This kind of life is the kind of life I once dreamed of."