If you let go of love

/October 2021

People say that you fall in love with a city because there are people you love living in it. 

It is self-evident to love my house and my dog, and there will be such a person in everyone's life, even if his face is dusty and his temples are like frost, he also wants to accompany him to the end year. 

I am convinced that this picture has been carefully described by countless people because it is the most beautiful love encounter that people look forward to in their hearts. 

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This romantic "territory" is also a warm and sincere package of pure feelings, depicting a simple life. 

The most ideal love in the world is, of course, two people who are of one heart and help each other all their lives. 

If we pass by, we can only say that we have a deep affection for each other. 

Let go, may give people the feeling of poignant beauty, sounds rather cold, but no one can deny that it is not because of love. 

What is love? 

I can only say that it is a kind of selfless feeling, a kind of heart-to-heart feeling, which embodies the perfect purity of love. 

"meet a white head, choose a city to grow old", everyone's heart to meet such a dust fate, from then on waiting for this kind of warmth. 

But life is not as smooth as you think, and love has an inviolable destiny. 

Although in the years of love, everyone wants to stay away from the bitter days, everyone wants to say goodbye to the heartbreaking understanding, and everyone likes to let the sunshine of love fill the heart with emptiness. 

But love is sometimes so incredible, some people fall in love with each other, but can not escape the details of life, leading to the exhaustion of love, so love comes to an end. 

Even if some people are heartbroken in love, in the end, one person will turn to the left and the other to the right. 

There are also some people, stumbling all the way, on and off, tossed back and forth by the so-called love several times, running-in in the ups and downs for decades, and even singing all the songs, still do not change their original minds. 

Like this kind of pain that I can't quit, who can say it's not because of love? 

No matter what kind of love we have met in this life, whether we love or be loved, it is the predestined fate that we can meet each other. 

Attracted by a person, the first thing to see is eye contact. 

Once love makes each other into a careful tear, care has become the fuse of bondage and mutual injury, letting go may be the wisest choice. 

Love, there is never a match, there is only whether it is suitable or not. 

To love a person, you should first make him (her) happy. 

For a relationship, to be able to warm each other's hearts is the most important, can let each other remember the beautiful once the rarest. 

It has long been said that love is not taking, not possession. 

Love is giving, giving, and fulfillment. 

Always liked the old song "there is a kind of love called letting go", A Musings with his hoarse tone: there is a kind of love called letting go, end Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) for love if I leave you to have everything, let true love take me away and say goodbye. 

This section makes the listeners heart-wrenching chorus, often aftertaste, the heart will always gush out can not their trembling and moved …... 

Everything in the world can generally be explained clearly. 

Love alone cannot be explained. 

Some love, but I know it. 

There are some behaviors that only you can understand. 

Perhaps some people's love is the beginning of shallow joy and then is deep love, this kind of feeling probably many people have experienced. 

Maybe he (she) never says to you, fall in love with you, exactly what it feels like. 

I don't want to tell you that your presence has eliminated all his or her previous confusion about love. 

Not to mention that you were the only light-like existence in the abyss of life to him (her). 

In particular, I don't want you to know that at some point, you are in the city, and he (she) is outside the city, just passing by here with a blessing. 

A celebrity said, without frustration, do not understand life. 

Do not understand love without being lovelorn. 

Love is like a performance without actors, no lines, no rehearsals, people in love are the protagonists. 

We know that falling in love is a matter of one person. 

Falling in love is a matter for two people. 

It is your own business to love or not to love, to love deeply, or to love shallowly. 

Jane does not cherish, whether to let go or not depends on the degree of love to each other. 

Sometimes letting go doesn't mean you don't love, but it's a sign of deep love. 

As the song goes: 

If you yearn for the sky, yearn for a pair of wings, let you fly, your wings should not accompany the rose, listen to the withering time. 

If romance becomes a hindrance, I would like to choose to return to loneliness for you. 

If lingering becomes a chain, throw away the promise. 

This kind of sadness and love intertwined to let go, to set each other free. 

Fulfill the person you fall in love with and do what he or she wants to do. 

Do not want to love a person, thus causing that person to lose himself. 

QuXiao gauze in Ode to Joy 2 also said that to let go is not to change the original intention of falling in love. 

Let go, no more interruptions. 

Even if you can't help thinking about it, you have to restrain your steps. 

Even if he or she comes to his or her city with blessings, he or she will go around the city. 

Just stand in a distant country and make a deep blessing