If you like it, you must learn to appreciate and cherish it

/October 2021

Many things will not be understood until after they have been through it. 

Just like feelings, after the pain, we will know how to protect ourselves; after we have been hurt, we will know how to persist and give up at the right time, and we will get to know ourselves slowly in the process of getting and losing. 

Life does not need such unnecessary persistence, there is nothing that really can not be given up. 

Learn to give up, life will be easier. 

Learn to give up, turn around and leave before tears, leaving a simple figure; learn to give up, bury yesterday in the bottom of my heart, leave the best memories; learn to give up, so that each other can have an easier start, bruised love is not necessarily unforgettable. 

This journey is deep and shallow, and today, it is not easy to gently draw out your hand and say goodbye. Thank you very much for having you along the way. 

Once said to love you, today, still love you. 

It's just that I love you, but I can't be with you. 

Just as you love the fiery lily in the field, you love it, but you can't go back with it. 

Every relationship is beautiful, and every journey is fascinating. 

It is the regret that we can't have that makes us feel more concerned; it is the sleepless thoughts in the middle of the night that make us feel more nostalgic. 

Love is an unanswered questionnaire, hard pursuit can not make life more complete. 

Perhaps a little regret, a touch of sadness, will make this answer paper more meaningful, but also longer. 

Pick up the mood, go on, miss the flowers, you will harvest rain; miss him, you will meet him. 

Go on, you will reap your beauty in the end. 

A person who never wants to lose you may not be someone who loves you or be loyal to you. Sometimes it is only such a strong possessive with a confused head that they will do all kinds of things that "do not benefit themselves at the expense of others", and they take it for granted that they will do all kinds of things that do not benefit themselves at the expense of others. 

If you have the paranoia and possessiveness of "once have and never lose" in your heart, the more you want to get the permanent guarantee of love, the more you will deviate. 

Whoever says he likes something must get it. 

Sometimes, some people, to get what they like, go to great pains, or even go to extremes. 

Maybe he got what he liked, but in the course of his pursuit, what he lost could not be calculated, and the price he paid was irreparable. 

Maybe the price is heavy, and he won't find it until the end. 

If you like something, you don't have to get it. 

Sometimes it's not cost-effective to make your body and mind exhausted to force something. 

In addition, some things are "can only be seen from a distance but not close", once you get it, over time you may find that it is not as good as you thought. 

I think you will be annoyed if you find that the things you have lost and given up are more precious. 

So there is often a saying, "what you can't get is always the best." 

So when you like something, getting it is not your wisest choice. 

Anyone who says he likes someone must be with him. 

Sometimes, some people, to be with the person they like, do not hesitate to use the most primitive method of "one crying, two making trouble and three hanging", to retain their loved ones. 

Maybe this keeps the lover, but it doesn't keep his heart. 

What's more, he even lost his young and brilliant life for this, which may arouse the response of his lover, but it also brings him more guilt, self-remorse, and uneasiness, and from then on happiness will wave goodbye to him. 

In fact, like a person, it is not necessary to be with him, although some people often say, "do not care about Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), only care about once owned", but not everyone will be happy. 

Like one, the most important thing is to make him happy, because his joys and sorrows will affect your mood. 

So there is also a saying, "you are happy, so I am happy." 

Therefore, when you like someone, secret love is the best policy. 

There is a song that goes like this: "unrequited love is also very happy, at least not without choice."Why do you never feel that emotional things are too hard to bear, and if you don't want to possess them, they won't be too bumpy?"No matter whose heart your heart is, I won't be frustrated. I just want to be a quiet passer-by." 

So, whether you like the same thing or a person, instead of burdening yourself, you might as well relax and face it. Even if you give up or leave one day, you will learn to be calm. 

If you like something, you should learn to appreciate it, cherish it, and make it more precious.

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