If you love, please use your love

/October 2021

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Sentence: "distance is an examination paper that measures whether the oath of love will be realized in the end." 

We are still learning the language of communication for love, learning to forgive and not to cry. When we learn to fly, fly over the night, and test, we will graduate from loneliness. We will use a little more hard work in exchange for a little more happiness. " 

If you are in the same school, you can go to the library together, go to the open-air movie theater together, look at the stars and the moon together in the canteen, run 800 together and go into the woods hand in hand, and you can not see each other for a day, at least tomorrow. At least we can graduate together. 

If you are in the same class, study together, finish class together, make tea together and take notes together, it doesn't matter if you leave for a second, there is still the next second. 

If you are only in a city, you can also go shopping together, eat ice and play video games together, take the bus and take the elevator together, and you can think of a fun place in a small store in the city. I will miss you if you don't see me for a week. after all, we are not free every week, and every holiday is a holiday. 

However, some people don't miss it for a moment. 

If you don't think about it, you'll never forget it. 

Dare not miss, because dare not forget. 

However, some hands have been unable to hold for a long time, and some are reluctant to kiss only to the phone. 

I bought a new hairpin, and I don't know when to get his praise. 

It's raining. Is there anyone to hold an umbrella for her? 

I remembered that I couldn't give it to him because there was his favorite meat in the bowl. 

I woke up at night because I dreamt that there was another one beside her and he was clothed. 

The foot of shopping hurts, and the distressed person no longer reminds him, "go home." 

Tired of study, want to pinch her flesh face to tell her you don't have to lose weight, not fat at all. 

When you have a strange idea, hold on to it, tell him when you call, and then listen to him say, OK, next time we meet …. 

Next time, how long will it be next time? 

One person wraps up his coat and one person blows the wind. 

One person inherits the ideals of another. 

The promise of a person's struggle for a person. 

A person left hand holds his right hand. 

A man is strong and a man keeps his faith. 

Waiting alone, waiting for a sentence: let's meet together next time! 

You and I far away, can not resist the yearning of the heart, if love, please love with your heart, love deeply.