Ignorant love

/November 2021

A man and a woman walk under a row of green willows on the university campus. the boy's name is Yang Qing, calm and unflamboyant. 

The girl is called Meizi. She is gentle and quiet and doesn't talk much. 

The two walked silently for a long time. Yang Qing stopped talking several times. He had been fond of plums for a long time. When he saw her on the first day of school, her innocent face was branded in his mind. He always thought that Meizi would understand his mind. 

So he does not need to express his love, anyway, they share the same interests and cherish each other, so there is no need for words. 

Plum is not without feeling, but she is not sure, she has been speculating in her heart, is to love themselves? 

But why does he never confess his love? 

If he is not interested in himself, what is his attachment to himself? 

If Yang Qing doesn't say such a thing, Meizi will never ask. 

The three years of going to college are almost over, and Yang Qing still has nothing to say. Meizi thought sadly that maybe she had made a mistake. Yang Qing didn't like herself and just regarded herself as a good friend. Her heart cooled when she thought of Meizi. From then on, she deliberately avoided Yang Qing, trying to escape to forget the faint pain in her heart.?. 

Yang Qing did not know why Meizi suddenly ignored him. He was at a loss and frightened. Especially when he saw Meizi walking with a boy, his heartfelt as if he had been torn apart. At last, he couldn't stand it. When Meizi and a boy came out of the classroom, he followed him and shouted: "Meizi …" 

But at this moment he lost his courage and asked in a voice he could barely hear: "Meizi, can you copy something for me?" 

I'll use it later. " 

Meizi was a little disappointed and said faintly, "I can't go out today." 

Yang Qing was in a hurry, scratching his ear and scratching his cheek in the aisle, his face flushed when he wanted to say something but could not say it. 

The boy pulled La Meizi by the arm and said, "Meizi, let's go!" 

Meizi nodded, and Yang Qing had to get out of the way reluctantly. 

Just as Meizi brushed past him, Yang Qing gave a bang in the head and then shouted out of control: "Ah Mui, don't go!" 

The plum stopped and walked on. 

Yang Qing said in a mosquito-like voice behind her, "I love you."... " 

Meizi turned her head in shock and saw Yang Qing's face flushed. 

She asked, "what did you just say?" 

Yang Qing stood there anxiously, clasping his hands tightly and raising the volume a little bit, "Meizi, I love you." 

Plum wait for this sentence do not know how long, only feel a sore nose, tears wheezing down.

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