I'll be with you for another half an hour-1

/November 2021

It was dark and drizzling, and only their cars were driving on the rugged mountain road. 

The woman kept reminding the man to drive slowly, the road was slippery on a rainy day, and he was almost home anyway. 

The man promised the woman that it was all right. After driving for so many years, I would drive carefully. 

Men don't want to get home early, run away for so many days, and rush back in the dark with women to get home early and see their son. 

The man is very familiar with this road, the left is a cliff, the right is a hillside, where there is a sharp turn, where the road is narrow, men even close their eyes. 

But today the man's heart is still very nervous, the road becomes slippery on a rainy day, coupled with this old car, which has been running for several years of transportation, God knows whether it will strike in this bad weather. 

The man was also driving intently, staring at the road illuminated by dim headlights. he didn't want a woman to spend the night in this wilderness on such a night. Women were so timid that they drilled into his arms every night when they slept. 

When he got to that turn, the man was also a hundred times more vigilant. It was a sharp turn, and cars that were not familiar with the road conditions often had accidents there. 

The man slammed on the brakes, slowed down, put on a low gear, and then hit the steering wheel to get through here smoothly. 

But the man suddenly felt the car skidding slightly out. 

The man thought the road was slippery, so he slammed on the brakes to keep the car stable, but all of a sudden the car fell out rapidly, and after a dull noise, the car became dark and the lights and meters went out. 

The man knew that he had encountered a landslide this time, and the rain-softened the roadbed, and their car collapsed just as they passed by. 

After a while, the man who recovered from the panic felt severe pain in his foot. He knew it was because his leg was stuck by the deformed cab, but it was dark all around. I can't even see anything close at hand. 

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The man tried to pull the woman next to him, but the car moved slightly, accompanied by the crackling of the branches. 

The man understood that the overturned car happened to be blocked by a tree, and the tree did not know how long it would last, and now it would be more dangerous to stay in the car for a little longer. 

The man could not move, so he had to whisper the woman's name. 

The woman was in shock at this time, and when she heard the man's cry, she answered softly, with fear in her voice.