I'll be with you for another half an hour-2

/November 2021

The man said, there is a road on the other side of your car door. Hurry up and climb out. The car may soon fall off. 

The woman was silent, and the man was in a hurry and shouted to the woman, "get out of here!" 

The woman asked softly, what about you? 

The man knew that the woman was worried about him, so he had to tell the woman the truth that his leg was stuck and could not get out, and the tree would not last long, and the woman would have more hope if she went out a minute earlier. 

The woman is silent, after a while, the woman said, I am also stuck, can not move, the woman also reached out to grab the man's hand, the man felt the woman's hand trembling gently. 

The man thought that the matter had come to this, so he had to leave it to fate to seek help first. 

The man took out his cell phone from his trouser pocket. Fortunately, although the signal was weak, he could still get through, so the man dialed "110" and told them his location. 

After making the phone call, the man was still worried. He didn't know how long the tree under the car would last, but every slight movement in the car would make the tree shake gently. 

The man held the woman's hand tightly and comforted her softly. It's all right. Help will come soon. 

And the woman also clenched his hand and seemed to get a little strength from him. 

Half an hour of waiting makes them feel as long as a century, after all, it is on the brink of death. 

When the rescue car came, the shining lights shone on their car, and the rescuers loudly told them not to move, then pulled their car with a thick cable and dragged them back to the road from the brink of death. 

On the way, the woman stood up quickly from her seat and was anxious to see his injury. 

The man found out that the woman was not hurt, just now she just lied to herself. 

The man blames the woman. Why didn't you go out just now? 

The woman burst into tears and said, she just wants to stay with you for another half an hour. 

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At this time, the paramedics on one side told them that both of them might die if the woman went out. 

When the car hit the tree, it somehow turned its head, and the woman's seat became a cliff, and if the woman opened the door, the tree below might break. 

Listen to this, both men and women are in a state of panic. 

The man just holds the woman in tears. 

He knew that it was the love of life and death that saved them both.