I'm not old if you don't come

/September 2021

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At that time, they were all college students, and they met because of a student association. In his eyes, she was quiet, elegant, and temperamental; In her eyes, he is handsome, straight, and talented. It was the prime of life and seed of love's age. Naturally, they fell in love. They can often be seen on the quiet campus. They always walk hand in hand. He likes telling jokes. Every time she listens to his jokes, she always giggles and laughs. At this moment, he will look at her with infinite tenderness and love in his eyes. She was so embarrassed that she glanced at him, but her face was red.

Their love is so beautiful, so sweet, but this beauty is so short. Suddenly they are going to graduate. Like other students, they are also faced with the problem of finding a job. We agreed to stay in the city together, but we had a chance when we graduated. His father suddenly suffered a stroke, and his siblings were all at school. The burden of the whole family fell on his mother's shoulder. He couldn't bear to see his parents who had worked so hard for half a lifetime to support their families. He said to her, "Ying, I heard that the salary in Shenzhen is high. I want to go there to have a look. Would you please wait for me here? I have earned enough money for my siblings to go to school, and I will come back, OK?". At this time, she has been admitted to the court, and her present job is hard-won, otherwise, she would definitely not let him go alone.

She went to see him off and kept saying, you must come back, I will wait for you. He hugged her tightly, and tears burst out. He said I will come back.

When he first went there, his life wasn't smooth, and his job wasn't as easy to find as he thought. She was so worried that she called to ask every day. She said, come back if you can't, and we'll work together. At this time, he always said, Ying, wait for me, I will go back. Gradually, his career is on the right track. After all, it takes a certain amount of experience and time to be a lawyer.

That day, he said, Ying, I'm coming back. She was excited because it had been three years since they were separated. During this period, he refused the girls' pursuit. She declined the blind date of relatives and friends. They worked hard to keep their own insistence on love and looked forward to the reunion in the future.

At the railway station, she saw him walking slowly towards himself. His pace was steady, and his face was obviously marked with years, but his eyes were still so bright. She ran to him and hugged him tightly, only to hear him whisper in his ear: Ying, you are still young and beautiful. She laughed with snow: I'm not old if you don't come.