Immature love

/September 2021

I saw a cartoon: an old couple sitting back to back at one end of the bench, apparently just quarreling and sulking. When it rained, the old man turned his back to the old lady, but stretched his arm and handed the umbrella to the old lady's head, letting himself get wet.

Below the picture of love that is not old is a line of words: love that is not old means fighting for a lifetime, being angry for a lifetime, and still shielding you from the wind and rain for a lifetime. My heart can't help but be warm, thinking of my father and mother's marriage. The marriage between father and mother is a matchmaker, and there is no emotional foundation. When I was a child, they quarreled almost every day, and every time they quarreled upside down. Several times, I saw them arguing so badly that I thought they would get divorced the next day. In those days, divorce was an earth-shattering event. At night, I was lying alone in bed, thinking about whether I would become an unwanted child, and I couldn't help crying and wetting the pillow. The next morning, I was trying to figure out what I would do if they got divorced. Who knows, my mother cooked the meal early and greeted my father and said, "I ate, and today I made your favorite sweet potato porridge." Mom's appearance is totally different from when she quarreled. Dad also said as if nothing had happened: "Cut some pickles to eat!"

I've seen so many such scenes, and I'm used to it. Sometimes I can even look on coldly and sit quietly. Only once, forget why they quarreled too fiercely. Dad overturned the table, and Mom dropped the bowl on the floor. At that time, I had just entered junior high school, was in a rebellious period, and often confronted my parents. I cried out loudly: "make a noise, make a noise! I can't stay in this home! " I want to scare them by running away from home. Of course, I didn't dare to go too far. I only took a walk in a small village three miles away from home. When mom found me, I was pulling the morning glory on the ridge. I said to her: "Mom, you and my dad always quarrel, otherwise, you will get a divorce!" Mom's face showed a very amazing expression: "Divorce? You child, what are you talking about! " I thought that after this time, they would be more restrained, even if there was less quarrel. But, no. As I grew older, I gradually realized that quarreling is also a way for them to communicate, and they never thought about getting divorced because of quarreling.

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Until that year, my dad was found to have coronary heart disease, and my mom was like a deflated ball. She never had bulging weather, and quarreled with him "full of fighting spirit". Even if dad was in a hurry, he scolded her: "I said you, you can't do things all your life, but you are confused all day." Mom listened obediently and said softly, "Come on, don't be angry. Can't I admit my mistake?" From then on, there was no smoke in Dad's war alone. Between two people, there really is a kind of mutual affection.

Mom has a bad stomach, and Dad always buys good millet to help her cook porridge. I heard that the millet in the mountains is delicious, and Dad quietly rode his bike and walked for more than forty miles to buy millet in the mountains. After the mother knew it, she scolded him: "You old thing, don't die, you don't know that you are a patient?" Dad smiled and said: "My doctors have said that my illness is the lightest, and it doesn't matter at all. I also want to exercise more."

I finally understand that there is love between my parents. It's said that young couples are old companions, but they are old. They are not only companions but also have the most beautiful love. People will grow old, but love will not grow old. In old age, love will be deeper and deeper, just like the sea, with a lifetime of deep affection and friendship in it.