In fact, every love is dangerous

/October 2021

When I met Miao Miao, she had been divorced for three years. 

The wonderful first marriage lasted just over a month. 

She and he were classmates in college, and their love affair on campus, which lasted for two years, made them full of confidence in this relationship, so they chose to get married as soon as they graduated. 

In the days after marriage, the two were very unhappy with each other. 

After the divorce, Miaomiao was depressed for a long time. 

She immersed herself in her work at work, plunged into a small rental house after work, and hardly contacted her friends. 

This situation lasted until the wonderful mother suddenly suffered a serious illness, and the old man held his daughter's hand in the hospital bed and burst into tears: "you are always such a person."... " 

I fainted before I finished my words. 

Fortunately, my mother turned the corner later, but Miao was scared to death. 

Miao Miao no longer refuses to go on a blind date. 

She was beautiful and had a well-paid job, and many people began to introduce her to someone, but each time they failed until a boy named Li Ke showed up. 

He is not handsome, short, does not have a fixed job, education is lower than Miao Miao, and he also had a failed marriage. 

"you pick and choose, how can you take a fancy to such a man? I don't know what you want from him!" 

Relatives and friends complained one after another. 

Miao Miao said innocently, "I don't want anything from him. It's just that for such a long time, I can only feel the happiest when I chat with him." 

Later, even his mother shook her head and said, "Li Ke doesn't seem to have a bad heart, but he is too honest to make any money. I'm afraid he will suffer in the future." 

At that time, communication was not as developed as it is now. There was no network or mobile phone. Miaomiao and Li Ke could only contact each other through the office phone. 

However, it is sometimes difficult for people in the office to talk about personal things without being spread. 

Feeling depressed and wonderful, he ran to the public telephone booth and called Li Ke, saying that he hoped that the two would be separated for some time and each calm down before deciding what to do. 

After hearing this, Li Ke said only one sentence: "I won't bother you, but I'll wait for you." 

Sure enough, Li Ke stopped looking for Miao. 

Miao Miao began to come to my old friend every day, and she asked me again and again, "what should I do?" 

If Li Ke and I are together, can we be happy in the future? 

I'm really afraid to face failure again! " 

I know that Miao Miao is asking herself that these entanglements can only be sorted out by herself. 

For a while, Miaomiao suddenly stopped coming, and when she came back, she lost a circle of weight. 

"I want to give him a call. I hope he can answer it, but I'm afraid he will answer it," she said. 

I want to tell him that we are together, and I am afraid that if we are together, we will be as unhappy as others say. 

I bet myself with a coin and thought that if I made a phone call if it was facing up, it was facing up, but I went back on myself, and then I had to do it all over again. 

Do you think I should take a risk or not? " 

I smiled and threw the coin in Miao's hand aside: "if there is someone who makes you so haggard and nervous, it shows that you care about him and love him very much, then don't hesitate to make a phone call!" 

Miao Miao ran out and then came back with a red face: "Oh, my God, he is here. I called, and he immediately answered, as if he had been by the phone for so long."... " 

After a while, Li Ke came, flushed with the same excitement. 

Later, we finally learned that during the period when Miao Miao proposed a temporary separation, Li Ke was very nervous every day, and he only thought about one thing over and over again: "will Miao Miao call today?" 

To this end, he even volunteered to stay at work on the night shift, just to watch the phone day and night. 

Fortunately, Kungfu lived up to the kind-hearted man, and he finally got the good news. 

Love is like sweet fruit, but it is not always fresh. All those who love each other should remember this. 

At first, it is always sentimental, but no one can predict the end, so every love is dangerous and can only be experienced by yourself.

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