In the end, we are still friends-1

/November 2021

I think words are omnipotent, but in front of reality, words are so pale and powerless. 

I love her, is a very real feeling, but let me suffer day and night, now promise in those hot faces is so hypocritical and extravagant, I miss her, think of each season can let me infinite emotion, so that I fell in love with her every season. 

The first acquaintance was at a friend's party, and you and I both seemed so silent. 

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I know your name is Jie, and then we become friends in the story and then continue the silent love around us. 

At that time, we were all intoxicated in our love story all the time, and the happiness on our faces was brimming with happiness in every corner of our eyes. 

So we have a love life with each other and we become friends, just simple friends. 

The turning point of the story is in Changsha, the separation from my girlfriend made me feel sick to death. At that time, I finally couldn't restrain my mood and burst into tears. I swallowed hard but worked hard to let him sprinkle on this youthful face. At the same time, we all cried, in a strange city, at 3: 00 or 4: 00 in the morning. 

Back to our city, I tried to cover up my emptiness and loneliness in all ways, and at that time, you threw away your feelings incisively and vividly on the way to Changsha, and I also succeeded in abandoning my past. 

I chat with you crazily, even if you only reply to me in an hour, I will never tire of watching the beat of the profile picture and guessing the text language you organized. I have never been disappointed, but sometimes, I will be sad alone. 

I do not know how long, I found that I can not live without you, I found that the first thing I open QQ is to find your shadow, the first one to open the phone book is to send you a message. 

I care about your news every day like a madman. I care about you every day. We are still friends. It is a group of young friends who say everything and are very happy. 

I found that I like you, found that everything I care about you, can be happy for your words for several days, but also because of your words for several days, I just want to maintain well, and one day, you feel, you are aware of, I will use those ten thousand possible scenarios to express my love to you.?. 

Even if it is desperate, even if it is close to death, I am ready to prepare for the worst.