In the end, we are still friends-2

/November 2021

That day, Xiaoya's birthday, you were at work, I was desperate to tell a trivial lie to make up for my early departure. I came to the place with you and bought a full movie ticket. I felt happy when you patted me on the shoulder and said I was a fool. I feel the kind of happiness that has never been abandoned. 

Under your interference, I successfully thought that the plot was terrible and the picture was bad. 

Because you are outside the door, and I am sitting in the front row of the movie. 

All I know is that you are beautiful in overalls. 

We ate western food together that night and walked a lot of roads that one person didn't want to go. 

Talked about your family, also talked about my family. 

All I know is that I'm happy. 

The appearance of passerby A made me shatter a romantic confession. 

The ten thousand possible scenarios were replaced by ruins. I couldn't wait like a madman. I was afraid of losing you. I was afraid that if I didn't say it, you would follow passers-by and leave me to repent. 

You said that I had become inexplicable before, did I not want to blurt out the sentence that I love you to become eternal? 

I'm afraid you'll be tired. I want to give you time to recover, but I'm afraid of losing you, YJ. 

Youth is a journey, the beginning of which is excitement and novelty. 

In the end is a world of fatigue, helplessness. 

The process also turns yellow with time, but the ending is worth cherishing. 

My confession is successful, but also a failure, a failure so that I lost any point about the dignity of men. 

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Happiness is like sand in your hand. The more you want to hold on to it, the more thoroughly it flows from your hand. 

In the end, we are still friends.