In the love of youth, one ice cream is enough-1

/October 2021

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One sunny evening, I saw a plane flying by on a busy street in the city. 

I watched it flash across the city's sky divided by buildings. 

Many times, we fantasize about being able to fly. 

Fly to a faraway place, fly to the side of the one you love. 

On solid ground, look up to your dreams. 

However, we live a life of no choice. 

Once upon a time, I went to seven cities, from south to north. 

There are occasional flashes of memories in my heart. 

When I was transferring to Hangzhou airport, I was alone in a strange crowd, while the brilliant autumn sun shone on my face through the big glass of the terminal. 

When the plane was delayed, I patiently peeled an apple. 

A green-eyed European man is writing a postcard with a pen. 

To say goodbye or meet again. 

And I have nothing to worry about. 

Just changing the ticket stub in my hand, on a drifting road with no destination. 

I remember the rainy Shanghai, because of the connecting flight, I stayed for a short time for a long time. 

On the subway platform, a boy gave me promotional materials and suggested that I join a book club. 

I smiled and said to him, I'd love to join, but I'm going to leave here soon. 

He was stunned for a moment and said where you were going. 

I said I'm going far away. 

I know he thinks I'm a student. 

I walked the whole Huaihai Road alone. 

I like white porcelain cups with flower patterns, simple silver earrings with a dark design, cotton pleated skirts with white lace, Norwegian painter Menke's picture album, and a light German perfume called KIDS. 

At dusk I went to the pizzeria I had visited before, asked for raw vegetables, fruit slices, corn kernels, raisins, and frozen orange juice, and sat alone in the street seat, watching the damp rain and fog in the twilight street. 

A boy picked up the girl in his arms, walked through a puddle, and quickly kissed her hair. 

Let me laugh at the luxury of love again. 

When I was in love when I was young, the people around me would be happy to buy themselves ice cream. 

Walk beside him, thinking that he will walk until he grows old together. 

If you don't know that the displaced live on the other side of time, you can change all your promises beyond recognition. 

I reached for the waiter and asked him to pay the bill. 

The young boy looked at me with a huge hiking bag on my back and looked amazed. 

But I am used to the life of paying for myself and backpacking when I am out alone. 

Independent people do not feel their fragility. 

In the cold night rain, I stepped on the bus to Hongqiao Airport and experienced the wandering mood of a stranger. 

From then on, I left a knot in my heart. 

A few months later, I arrived in Shanghai again. 

At that time, I had a friend I met online in Shanghai. 

My friend accompanied me from Fenyang Road to people's Square. 

There are also small raindrops, tapping in the face, warm and peaceful. 

Passing by a small exquisite shop, my friend bought an angel puppet for me as a New year's present. 

Two months later, he ended several years of adventure in Shanghai and returned to his city. 

Friends say that Shanghai is not suitable for outsiders. 

This is not a warm city. 

But I have a knot in my heart.