it passes like this

/October 2021

What in the world is eternal, love? 

When we first met, we made an appointment with Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), and then we fulfilled our vows with joy. 

But in the closer and closer space, we have to face the reality of more and more helplessness. at the moment when we finally want to hold hands, we can't help but hesitate, because we hear a voice warning in the distance: do you know? 

The only constant in the world is the change itself! 

He and she met at the flower market. 

With a white shirt, jeans and long hair simply draped over her shoulders, she felt the same as usual that day. 

But he was stunned and felt that her freshness and elegance were far better than the lilies in his hands. 

The flowers were bought for his mother, but he gave her all of them. 

She accepted him because he was excellent, and he was outstanding in both character and learning. 

He was immersed in great happiness with her until he officially brought her home. 

His mother did not like her and abandoned that she was just an ordinary girl who grew up in an alley and could not bring so-called glory to his family. 

She suffers, he is helpless, but they still insist on falling in love, but since then, their love has been like a bottle of unsealed liquor, lost the original concentration and mellow, no longer intoxicating. 

He is not afraid, he just does not want his mother to be sad, she is not inferiority complex, but it is difficult to make peace. 

His and her energy is involved in how to please a "third party", he is tired, she is more tired, finally, she chose to give up, and he can only savor the beauty of the past in no one's night until the tears come to an end. 

He and she are childhood playmates. 

When she was a child, she liked to play with dolls and like her mother who was a doll at home. Although he was more willing to fight with children with a toy submachine gun, he was able to bear to be the father of a doll at this time. 

The years passed quietly in the friendship between the two young children. 

She graduated from college and went to work as a translator in a foreign company, but he had no education but to sell insurance. 

They still love each other without distractions, as if they had returned the favor to each other. 

To spend more time together, he lived with her. 

After a moment of freshness and excitement, he and she were suddenly lost, as if the person in front of her was not the one she was familiar with and expected: she was too shrewd and superior, he was too reckless and careless; she could use half her salary to buy a bottle of perfume, and he could only buy a few yuan box lunch for lunch; she was crazy about opera and coffee, but he only had football and plain boiled water. 

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First, he felt the difference, and then she broke up, not without love, but across the boundless river of years, and she didn't wait for the person she expected. 

He and she were dragged together by his classmates. 

Before they met each other, they all felt that it was very ridiculous to rely on the words of matchmakers to find their partner in the information age, but the kindness of their classmates was difficult, so they took it as a joke for everyone. So I didn't take it seriously. 

As soon as he saw it, he hit it off, thinking that he was too old and too young, so he took a detour and went straight to the theme and happily bought the belongings of starting a family. 

It is no longer a day to fight alone, but how to solve those trivial family problems? 

Do you mind if we make instant noodles if we don't cook today? 

Do you mind if I work overtime at night and won't be back until after midnight? 

Do you mind if you don't do the laundry this week? 

Would you mind if I brought my colleague home for a drink? 

They are so confused every day that they feel that this should not be the life he and she face, but all people tell them that this is real life. 

He and she smiled and waved goodbye, he and she are still willing to maintain their original bold and unrestrained character, life is a process, they care about its quality rather than form. 

What in the world is eternal, love? 

Love itself can last long, but the process of falling in love can exhaust one's enthusiasm. 

You can fall in love with someone for no reason, but there are too many reasons to give up a relationship. 

When a thousand sails are over, I look back and find that you are still my most emotional person, and that voice is always heard in our ears: do you know? 

The only constant in the world is the change itself!