It's not worth falling in love with each other

/September 2021

When a person asks you how many relationships you have had, I have seen the wisest answer: "twice, once I love him and he doesn't love me, and once he loves me but I don't love him." 

Yeah, love is very simple. 

There are often three possibilities: I love you, you love me, love each other. 

Before, a passage from me was regarded as a classic by many people: many people asked whether they should choose the one who loves them or the one they love. 

It's very simple. 

If you are strong, you will choose the one you love. If you are not strong enough, choose the one who loves you. 

You love me or I love you, but we love each other. 

I have known Xiaoyu for 10 years. She is my colleague in my first formal job. 

At that time, Xiaoyu and I were both editors of the magazine. 

I am in charge of the emotional page, while she is in charge of the star interview page. 

At that time, she had a long skirt and long hair, and she was always talking about the masterpieces of M á Marquez, Neruda, and Gu Cheng, as well as interesting stories about her life. Anyone who said she was looking at Zhang Xiaoxian, Anne Baby Guo Jingming would be scoffed at by her. 

At that time, I liked to read Zhang Xiaoxian, so I didn't dare to mention it in front of her, otherwise, I exposed my shortcoming and exposed my shallow literary accomplishment. 

Yes, Xiaoyu is a full-fledged young man of literature and art. 

That literary style makes you think she is too unworldly. 

But this is only the other side of the light rain. 

She likes to listen to underground rock and roll, drinking beer, eating mutton kebabs, and eating small hot pots. 

At that moment, I had some hallucinations. 

Is this still the light rain of literary style? 

However, Xiaoyu's love is vigorous. 

Xiaoyu fell in love with a rock singer with long hair, a handsome outline, and an unruly appearance. 

She is so infatuated with that singer. 

At that time, she left work early every Friday, went directly to the rock singer's practice ground, served as a support member of the audience, served tea and water, and did everything. 

As long as the rocker opens her voice, her eyes shine, and that is the light of love. 

In other words, she saw the light on the head of the singer on the stage. 

At first, rock singers didn't pay much attention to her, because there were too many women who worshipped rock singers, and there was no shortage of rich women. 

However, the simplest, most direct, bravest, and most persistent is Xiaoyu. 

Because Xiaoyu persisted in going to the rocker's practice ground for a year, no matter whether it was windy or rainy. 

So, as Xiaoyu wanted, she finally got together with the rock singer, and she finally became the real girlfriend of the rock singer. 

This is a happy thing for everyone. 

But soon, Xiaoyu handed in his resignation. 

She's leaving our magazine. 

I am very sad because I am missing a colleague who is simple, direct, and good in character. 

I lost touch with Xiaoyu. 

Later, I also left the magazine. 

This is the fate between people. 

Today you may be chatting happily about life, but tomorrow you may not ask each other at the end of the world. 

One day two years later, I saw her qq suddenly lit up on qq. I saw that her signature had been changed to "be able to cook and make soup and be a virtuous woman even if you are in a hurry." 

I quickly sent a message to her, so we made an appointment to meet. 

When I saw her for the first time, I felt that she was old, thin, and black. The most important thing was that her face was covered with sadness. 

It turns out that Xiaoyu is divorced. 

After Xiaoyu resigned, she moved in with a rock singer and opened a musical instrument store. Xiaoyu invested 50,000 yuan of her savings for many years. 

However, the business of the instrument store is sluggish, the two are strapped for money, and there are always women around rockers. 

As a result, the two men began to quarrel and even fight. 

So Xiaoyu broke up and divorced with visible scars and invisible scars. 

That day, Xiaoyu was very drunk but quite conscious. She said, "do you know what I did wrong?" 

My fault is that I love him too much, but he doesn't love me, he is just moved by me. 

Don't love someone who doesn't love you, taboo! " 

With that, Xiaoyu began to cry, crying very sadly. 

Later, Xiaoyu went to live in Tibet, she believed in Buddhism, and she became a vegetarian. 

I started my business, I started writing, and I started changing my phone, so I lost her phone number. 

I lost touch with her again. 

Not long ago, I saw her again on qq and found that her avatar had been replaced by a baby's avatar. 

I knew she was online, so I sent a message quickly. 

It turns out that she is married. 

My husband is also a Buddhist and a dentist who earns a lot of money, but he is a little fat and bald. 

She began her life of teaching her husband and son. The first thing she does every morning is to meditate and recite the sutra, then take care of the children, and still meditate and recite the sutra before going to bed at night. 

I asked her to dinner, she refused, she said that she no longer eat meat, let alone drink, does not eat kebabs, sometimes does not eat dinner, eats fruit. 

I usually eat porridge and vegetables. 

At that moment, I was suddenly a little sad. 

Because I know that the years have changed too many people, especially her. 

She and I can no longer talk about life dreams while drinking beer and eating kebabs on the side of the road. 

She said: "my husband loves me very much and is very kind to me. He gives me all his salary cards, and he is also very kind to my family." 

I don't have to worry about making a living anymore. 

I just need to watch the children grow up day by day, we grow old day by day and then live like this for the rest of our lives. " 

I said, "it's good for you, too, just in line with the classic saying: find someone you love when you fall in love and find someone who loves you when you get married." 

After a long time, she heard these words on the other end of Wechat: honey, what you love or what you love is better than love. 

At that moment, I felt that the air was frozen, and I could see the peace on her face and the loss behind it. 

Yes, what you love or what you love is not worth falling in love with. 

Otherwise, it will be lonely. 

Nothing in the world is luckier and more wonderful than falling in love.

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