Just a little bit

/October 2021

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A couple is living upstairs. In the beginning, the woman took the initiative to pursue the man, but the wife, who actively fought for her happiness, claimed that she was not having a good time. 

The reason is very simple. The man she chased was a very male chauvinist and did nothing. The woman reasoned with him, but unexpectedly he was reasonable: "now I'm lazy, but why did you chase me in the first place?" 

The always articulate wife choked so much that she couldn't say anything. 

In the face of feelings, many women often have zero IQ and are always worried about their boyfriend: why doesn't he give way to me like he used to? 

Why hasn't he called me lately? 

Why is he always busy lately? 

Is it. 

I hate that women can't be made of steel. 

Which woman around her is really happy after taking the initiative in love? 

Very few. 

Men's psychology is very strange, the more can not get the more treasure, and men are always greedy animals, most like the new and hate the old, so girls must learn to be reserved. 

Reserved, its purpose is not to keep others away but to keep him in a high state of attack, but also to leave a little way back for himself. 

It is easy to be liked by others, but to be respected by others requires a certain amount of effort. 

Only this kind of love will appear noble and gorgeous. 

Li ao said he only loved a little. 

Being too frank doesn't help the relationship. 

The attraction between lovers comes from each other's mystery. 

Keep a little personal secret, so that each other from time to time to make discoveries, but also can consolidate each other's feelings. 

Smart women know that men never value what is easy to get. 

Active women are not bad. 

Take the initiative to make an appointment for a meal, take the initiative to express concern. 

These love messages sent out by women on their initiative reflect the delicacy of women. 

However, usually, some active women regard the initiative as a habit and often forget to control the heat of love. once a man's heart is easily opened, they are eager to take over his world and closely control his schedule, his diet, his sleep, his friends, and even his wallet. 

Men like the feeling that women take the initiative to pursue, but they do not like to hand over the initiative from beginning to end, which will make men feel humiliated and feel that their image is greatly reduced. 

For love, a man may be allowed to control part of his life, but he also needs a little space to breathe. 

If forced to the point of suffocation, the man will choose to leave. 

"passive" love is to pave the way for active happiness. "passive" is a strategy of love, not love itself. 

Women want the warmth of love, but are also afraid of being burned by the fire, can take the initiative to light the fire of love, but the best way is to strike a match, give the torch to each other, continue to refuel …..