Just for a promise

/September 2021

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When the man married the woman, the woman already had a two-year-old son and was five months pregnant. 

Some people advised the man that the woman was terminally ill and could not be cured. 

You are married to a living dead man and have to raise other people's children. 

The man didn't listen. 

After the youngest son's birth, the man treated the two children as if they were their own. 

The woman said, shall I give you one while I can still move? 

The man shook his head and said if there is one more, why not let the two children suffer? 

Women just hide and cry. 

When the man comes back from work in the evening, there is often a fried poached egg, or a few ribs or a few pieces of chicken, in the lunch box to enrich the dinner under the poor eaves. 

Women know that this is left behind by men who are reluctant to eat lunch at work. 

I heard that women's diseases are hereditary. When the two children are older, the men will take them to the hospital for examination. 

The doctor said that both children suffered from the same illness as their mother. 

There is no cure for this disease, and you will gradually lose your ability to take care of yourself after you are in your teens. If you can live beyond 40, it will be a miracle. 

Men take women and children everywhere to see a doctor, but the results are all the same. 

The woman said, "Let go. We can't repay you for taking care of our mother and son for so long." 

We should never have come into this world, let alone implicate you. 

The man smiled and said, "Don't worry, it's all right. This house is mine." 

In a man's smile, a woman seems to see faint but warm candlelight. 

To cure and replenish women and children, men economized on food and clothing, built shacks at the door to raise chickens and ducks, and went to the riverside to reclaim and grow vegetables. 

Cold and summer come and go, he stubbornly carried his disaster-stricken home on his shoulder. 

As diagnosed by the doctor, the two children began to get sick after their teens, and like women, they gradually lost their ability to take care of themselves and were paralyzed. 

Men take care of them like babies. 

However, doom is far from stopping the encirclement of this man. 

At the age of 50, a truck ran over his left leg. 

When one leg is broken, the man will prop up the family with one leg. 

The wound is often painful. 

He quietly took painkillers, not one, just two or three. 

Every day, men get up early, change wound dressing, cook, wash clothes, mop the floor, help mother and son get dressed, bring water, let them wash by the bed, carry them one by one to his self-made wheelchair, feed them breakfast, help them defecate. 

Then he went to the street to buy vegetables on crutches. 

Lunch and dinner are the repetitions of breakfast. 

In the evening, the men bathed them one by one, undressed them, and went to bed one by one. 

To avoid numbness and pain caused by a sleeping position, turn them over frequently at night. 

Men with one leg do this and often fall to the ground. 

When the woman and the child saw it, they could only watch him get up slowly. 

The man planted some flowers at the door. 

He often pushed the mother and son out of the door so that they could bask in the sun and smell the flowers. 

Sometimes, when the flowers bloom at night, the man will hold the flowerpot, turn around, and show it to the woman in the house. 

More often, the woman looked through the window to see the flowers blooming and falling, and she felt the beauty of life. 

This year, the man is over 70, and the woman is in love. The two sons are 42 and 44 respectively. The youngest son has become an online writer by tapping the keyboard with his left hand's only movable middle finger. 

It's a miracle to live past 40. 

Because of men, this family has created miracles! 

The reporter interviewed the man: "what makes you support this family for more than 40 years?" 

The man said faintly: "for a promise!" 

"what promise?" 

"I promised him that I would take good care of their mother and son!" 

Forty-two years ago, when a woman's ex-husband was dying of a heart attack, he entrusted the terminally ill woman and child to his friend-this is the man. 

This is a true story. 

The man's name is Zhu Bangyue, a retired worker from a coal mine in Shaowu City, Fujian Province. 

A simple promise behind is more than 40 years of persistence, this is the most selfless practice of love!