Kiss is a gift from Eros

/September 2021

Honey, you're asleep. But you know what? The street lights outside the window are still awake, the cool breeze at night is still awake, and I am still awake around you.  

Listening to your even breathing, my heart passes through waves of tenderness. I can't see your face clearly in the dark. I reach out and touch you. My fingers pass through your face and finally stay on your lips and warm lips. I am close to you, matching your lips with mine, like a deer in the forest eagerly welcoming its lips to a clear stream.  

A feeling of sadness raided me. How long has it been since we sewed our lips so intimately? How long have we not welded our lips warmly? How long have you and I not expressed our love with "lips" so gently?  

Remember? Our first kiss was in the lake pavilion in the park. Looking at the ripples reflected by starlight on the lake, I talked about the Covenant of the past and future generations. Surrounded by moonlight, stars, and roses. Our shadows snuggle together unconsciously. I lean in your arms, quietly look up, listen to your affectionate confession, and look at your lips. I'm thinking, so many wonderful words just spit out from between those lips, what a magical place it is.  

You were stunned by me, and suddenly you bent over and caught off guard, our lips were opposite. Although it is explosive, it has been touched again. Yes, I can hear your heart beating fast, but am I not? Maybe we are both afraid of flying out of the chest like birds. We look at each other every once in a while, but both of us are relishing the intense happiness brought by touching each other. It was a wonderful moment. That is also a milestone in the process of our relationship.  

Remember? The first time I saw the word "French deep kiss", I asked you foolishly. Where will the French kiss go? You smile bitterly, bite my earlobe and call my nickname in your mouth. I was a tender, suddenly some at a loss. Your kiss makes me happy and puzzled, like all French gentlemen? How do women in Paris greet their lover's kiss?  

Many words about that romantic city, such as the Champs Elysees, such as Chanel, kept spinning in my mind. But I don't know at which moment, all my thoughts have disappeared without knowing it, because your lips are pressing me so strongly, tossing and turning on my lips. Then, ah, my tongue shook gently. No, maybe my body shivered gently because you bit my tongue. Your tongue is like a slippery fish. I concentrate on being a fisherman. I will make a net of myself. You leap, again and again, catch again and again, and escape again and again. Finally, the fish slipped into the bottom of the deep pool, and I was the deep pool. At that time, I finally realized that a deep kiss comes from the depths of the tongue and the heart. 

Remember? I accidentally contracted typhoid fever, dry mouth, short lips, and high fever. You stay up all night, look at me every once in a while, touch my forehead, feed me medicine, and apply cold towels for me. Early in the morning, the sky was white, my temperature finally returned to normal, and people were awake. Looking at your tired red eyes, I felt pity and remorse. You covered my little hand with a wide palm, and you measured the temperature of my forehead and face with your lips. You said with relief: "Look, you are well, it's really good." I opened my mouth to say something, but my throat was dry and I couldn't say anything.  

Your lips measure the dryness between my lips, and then you bring me a glass of water, and when you want to feed me, you think of something: "I'll try it first." You drank a lot of salivae and kept nodding at me as if the temperature was just right. When I was looking at you in disbelief, you fell on the bed, leaned against me tightly, used your mouth like a cup, and carefully fed me the cool water. Our lips face each other, and we all carefully let the transparent liquid flow between our lips and teeth. Maybe that's what the ancients called "caring for each other"? You said, if we are all fish hanging on the riverbank, you should spare all your blood and let me return to the river safely. Do you know? Those are the most wonderful love word I have ever heard, and that water is the sweetest water I have ever drunk.  

But now, dear, I don't know when you will not accompany me to experience the thrill and happiness brought by kissing. Nowadays, we seldom communicate and convey emotions with our lips, and we don't have kisses at all, but those kisses are "commands" or "instructions". If you kiss me, it means your desires and demands after you slip past my lips carelessly. If I kiss you, after 3 seconds, you will no longer be impatient to understand the love between my lips and teeth, your hands and feet will start to be in a hurry, your breathing will start to be rapid, and you misunderstand what I mean. I just want to kiss you. I just want to feel the security of our close relationship in our daily life.  

It is said that most mammals have lips when they are young. That's for sucking milk. The lip degenerates in adulthood. Human beings are different. Human beings still have lips for kissing, because kissing is a gift of loving God.  

Honey, will you kiss me? Sometimes kiss me simply, sometimes kiss me wet, sometimes kiss me "imperative". I deeply hope that our kiss, like our language, our food, and the air we breathe, will become a necessity in our love. I deeply hope that our kiss is like a rainbow after the rain, like neon on the street, like a colorful oil painting, which is the icing on the cake in our marriage.

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