Late happiness

/September 2021

"excuse me, is Martha? I am Bill. "

Happy Martha who was late shook her hand holding the microphone. She has been looking forward to this call for more than 30 years.

In 1973, Martha fell in love with poor boy Andrew, and Martha's father resolutely opposed it. Knowing that Martha was pregnant, Martha's father went into a rage, forcing Martha to live in her aunt's house and secretly giving birth to the child (Martha's father gave the child away). Meanwhile, Andrew went to the army, and his letters to Martha were intercepted and destroyed by Martha's father. Martha lost contact with Andrew.

To get rid of her father, Martha went to a university far away from home and stayed there as a middle school teacher after graduation. Martha was never married. For her, happiness has passed away and cannot be repeated. The only way to grab happiness is to miss it.

Martha has an eternal belief that one day her son Bill will come to her. This day has finally arrived.

It's time to meet. When Bill's bus came into the station, Martha held up a sign with Bill's name on it.

Actually, Martha recognized Bill at a glance without a sign, as if she had watched him grow up for more than 30 years. They hugged each other tightly, and tears of sorrow and joy rushed out like water that burst its banks. I don't know how long after, a little boy took his mother's hand and came over to pull LaPierre's clothes.

"Dad, I am thirsty." Said the little boy.

Is a grandson. Martha didn't have time to wipe her tears, so she picked up the little boy. The little boy struggled to get down from Martha's arms and shouted and ran to a man standing not far away: "Grandpa!"

Martha looked in the direction where her grandson was running. No way! Is it really him?

Bill put his arm around his mother's shoulder. "Yes, it's him. I also found him last week, and he immediately came to my house. He was very excited to know that I was coming to meet you today, so he must come along. Oh, by the way, he has never been married. "

Andrew is coming towards Martha, and Martha is walking slowly towards him. They approached each other, stopped, and looked at each other carefully. Time seems to solidify. Then, they hugged each other tightly.

On Valentine's Day this year, Bill attended his parents' wedding.

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