Lend me time for three years-1

/October 2021

In the spring of 2017, when I was preparing for my graduation defense in Melbourne, I received a phone call from Xu Laisi: "Huanhuan, I'm getting married. Are you coming back?" 

Until I hung up the phone, I was still in a trance. Looking at the faded name on the phone, I bit my lip, but the tears still flowed down disgracefully. 

I postponed all my work to attend my dearest teenager's wedding. 

For many years, I thought I was about to forget that person, forgetting all the feelings and grievances that that person had brought to me. 

But when I got off the plane and saw Xu Laisi waving his arms towards me, everything came alive in front of my eyes. 


I knew from an early age that I would have a better name if possible. 

The name Yu Yufei was chosen by her mother and Xu Laisi when they were pregnant together. 

Today I come to think, it is raining and snowing. 

I was named as a childhood sweetheart from the Book of songs. Because my mother had an unexpected miscarriage, I was late and became the Yu Huanhuan now. 

I was born in 1995, three years later than Xu Laisi, so when I was still playing with mud, Xu Laisi was already biting the end of his pencil and burying his head in writing. 

When I was in the first grade of primary school, I could not finish the words of Tian Zi. As long as I pitifully shouted to think of my brother, Xu Laisi would bite his lip and secretly help me write. 

Xu Laisi at that time was my invincible imperial sword, no matter the endless homework in front of me, or the abominable boy who deliberately pulled my ponytail, as long as there was Xu Laisi, no matter how big the trouble could be easily solved. 

At those dusk after school, I sighed at the endless examination papers, over and over again, and when it became more and more exaggerated, Xu Laisi would stop rustling his pen and poke my eyebrow with a pen: "you!" 

I will also be successful because of interference, holding my chin and smiling: "to think about the brother, you are the best." 

Xu Laisi hum took the paper, the slender white hand began to calculate step by step on the white paper, and every patient look and gentle rebuke gradually turned into the beauty that I miss day by day.

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