Lend me time for three years-2

/October 2021


It was my decision in the second year of junior high school to change from calling him "brother Lai Si" to "Xu Lai Si". 

At that time, I was in the middle school of Shengde, dealing with the naughty boy all day about whether or not to hand in my homework. 

It is not entirely an accident to grow into an excellent monitor. 

Shengde Middle School has the highest enrollment rate in Los Angeles, where the top students in the province of liberal arts and science come from every year. 

So Los Angeles has long been rumored, as long as stepped into Shengde, quite half of the foot into a famous school. 

But this is not the point, the point is that since Xu Laisi was admitted to Shengde, Shengde has become the direction I pursue. 

Refusing TV, refusing games, I wear off the bad habits of my childhood little by little, including relying on Xu Lai Si. 

When the 17-year-old Xu Laisi was going through the college entrance examination, I would get up at 05:30 and ride my bike for more than half an hour, just to buy granny pancakes at the entrance of the alley on his favorite north-south road. 

Xu Laisi always used to say, "Why bother? why don't you just go to the canteen and buy steamed buns?" 

I shook my head impatiently: "what's delicious about steamed buns, and it's no trouble, I want to eat it, too." 

After thinking about it, he added, "you can start reading early later." 

Xu Lisi seemed puzzled about my changes over the past two years, but he smiled and rubbed my head with his hand: "come on, girl!" 

"Xu Laisi, you've messed up my hair." 

"What did you call me?" 

"Xu Laisi!" 

"shout again?" 

He grabbed my ear, and I pinched his ear: "just yell!" 

Xu Laisi! " 

We stared wide and small, but at last, we were afraid of being seen by people who came to read in the morning one after another. Xu Laisi took the pancakes and waved me away when he was embarrassed. 

I stuck out my tongue at him and turned carelessly, but I always stopped at the corner of the corridor to see how he ate pancakes while memorizing English words by the windowsill. 

Maybe he doesn't know, from the day I decided to call him Xu Laisi, I had the mind not to rely on him anymore. 

I want him to depend on me!

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