Lend me time for three years-3

/October 2021


When I was in junior high school, I was most looking forward to the Friday at the end of every month, because only then would Xu Laisi in senior high school have no evening self-study and could go home with me. 

When I came to the classroom to look for him, if I saw that he was still working on a problem, I would obediently find a place not far or near, and do my homework as well. 

This feeling is very wonderful, the light at dusk is particularly soft, sprinkled all over every corner of the classroom, we each do our homework, even without saying a word, we feel that even the breath is sweet. 

It was almost done. I subconsciously looked up at Xulisi's position, but there was no sign of him. After glancing around for a long time, I found that he had gone to the basketball court downstairs, and several dunks were very beautiful. 

I hurried downstairs and trotted all the way. 

Taking advantage of Xu Lai's thoughts, I snatched the basketball from his hand, got ready to 1V1 the bullfight, and raised the corner of my mouth: "Why didn't you call me?" 

He smiled and then re-cut the ball back: "look at you so seriously, how dare you interrupt?" 

We played a game, and when I was a child, he always told me that playing was boring, and then I practiced alone until I was 15, and there was no problem challenging the boys in the same class. 

After the 2:2 draw, I stood outside the three-point line, looked nervously at Xu Laisi, then watched the game nervously, and finally slightly bent my knee and raised my hand slightly. 

Ball up, middle frame, landing. 


I won, Xu Lexi. I won! " 

I jumped up with excitement, and then I realized that I had caught him by the neck like a sloth, and I could hear him gasping for breath at such a close distance. 

The sky was getting less and less white, but the residual glow fell on Xu Laisi's eyes and miraculously merged into a beautiful amber color. 

I didn't look at him, stopped, stayed where I was, and no longer dared to look at him.

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