Lend me time for three years-4

/October 2021

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I don't know what kind of expression Xu Laisi looked like. I only remember that Xu Laisi picked up the schoolbag on the ground and rubbed my head: "Let's go!" 

I followed him, raising the corners of my mouth unconsciously. 

Even if I saw his clever figure in the graduation cup later, knowing that he had deliberately let me, it was not as happy as that day! 


The singing of cicadas woke up in June, and Xu Laisi's high school life came to an end in June 2010. 

I can remember how I rode my bike in a hurry after self-study that night and wanted to take out the graduation present as soon as I got home. 

It was a limited edition basketball that I bought with pocket money secretly saved for a year. 

I look forward to seeing Xu Laisi's smiling eyes and fantasizing about telling stories from the bottom of my heart if the time is right. 

I thought so well that I could laugh when I wanted to ride my bike, but I ran into a scene like that at the entrance of the alley home. 

Xu Laisi gently surrounded a girl, and under the street lamp, both of them were emitting warm light. 

It was the girl who saw me first. She seemed to know me, so she pushed Xu to think and signaled my direction to him. 

For a moment, all the words I had prepared choked on my throat, and finally, I got on my bike and bowed my head over them without even saying a word. 

That night, Xu Laisi knocked on my door while delivering watermelons. 

I took it, just want to close the door quickly, he suddenly stopped: "Huanhuan, just …"... " 

He paused, then said awkwardly, "Don't tell my parents." 

The 09:30 moonlight flowed in through the corridor window, silver dripping on the ground like broken glass. 

I suddenly felt a little swollen in my throat, but I still bit my lower lip hard. Finally, I pulled out a laugh and looked up: "what?" 

Are you trying to threaten me? "