Lend me time for three years-5

/October 2021


In the end, I was the one who threatened Xu Laisi. 

In the summer when he graduated, Xu Laisi took me to eat all the streets and alleys of Los Angeles, climbed the mountain I had loved for a long time, walked across the imaginary lover's bridge, looked at the clouds flickering and darkening in the sky, and watched him walk away from me. 

All this is done under the hat of "capriciousness". 

At that time, I was especially glad that I was still a teenager, even if I was domineering, it would be regarded as a teenager's mind, so I could unscrupulously realize the stories that would have been in the future. 

At that time, I was just naively afraid that he would do it with others before doing this. I was afraid that if he didn't do it again, there would be no reason to do it in the future. 

Later, I always thought it was funny. If love is just a one-man show, then no matter what I do, it will not be as moving as I imagined. 

Time is in a hurry, things have changed. 

In the year when Xu Laisi was admitted to college, I did not go to Shengde high school. Instead, I went to Melbourne at my father's suggestion. I left Los Angeles in such a confusing way, leaving all the feelings and grievances that Xu Laisi had brought to me. 

When I went to the old woman's pancake stand at the entrance of the alley on the north-south road, the old woman who sold the cake remembered me and specially asked one with onions, one without onions, one without spicy, and the other without spicy, didn't she? 

I laughed and nodded. 

Xu Laisi and I were walking on the street of North-South Road when we suddenly asked him, "what kind of girl is that sister?" 

"Why is she suddenly involved?" 

Xu Laisi nibbled on the pancakes, but his ears turned red. 

What it means is already obvious, but I still said: "think about my brother, say it!" 

I know that as long as I call his brother, Xu Laisi will not refuse my request. 

I listened to his and her stories, those deskmates in high school, inadvertently touch between fingers, those in the second year of high school liberal arts and science, had to choose to separate, those senior three for their camp, but agreed to go to the same university agreement. 

It's all the warmth that surges when I was a student, and it's all the warmth that I can't replace no matter how hard I try. 

I suddenly stopped and watched a pair of teenage girls in school uniforms pass by, hula-hula beside them, a girl riding a bicycle with her head down. 

At that moment, I seemed to see my youth. 

At one time, I thought that the only difference between Xu Laisi and me was time. As long as I caught up with him quickly, I could keep up with him. Now I realize that even if time is lent to me for three years, I may not be able to fill the gap between this fate. 

Dear youth, if you do not have me for the rest of your life, then all over the world, I hope you will be happy and happy.

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