Let happiness knock on my door

/September 2021

I think women often have trouble because they have too many choices and don't know what they want. With so many worldly temptations, family, work and personal development will inevitably encounter the embarrassing situation of losing one side and the other.  

The greatest pressure of successful women comes from themselves, and they have high and unrealistic expectations, such as being a 100% girlfriend or wife. How is that possible? When things are complicated, my method is to rank life in order. I put my family first. When I can't find a harmonious point, my approach is very clear: think about where the goal of my life is, and then I will give preference and trade-offs in specific choices, thus relieving a lot of unnecessary pressure.  

If we speak the truth more thoroughly, it is that most of the women's distress comes from greed. Smart women know how to subtract greed and add happiness.  

The most enjoyable interaction comes from family. My parents live in Canada, and every time they celebrate their birthdays, their children come from all over the world to celebrate. It's like celebrating the biggest holiday in the family.  

Home means family and warmth. Family is the cornerstone of personality development. I have always thanked my parents and my husband. He has tried his best to accommodate me and gave me the healthiest support.  

My marriage with Li Kangwen has always envied everyone-"a young man who used to be different conquered the heart of the female beauty queen". We have been together for more than 20 years, always as sweet as ever. 

Since I focus my work on the mainland, we can only talk on the phone every day. Every half month, my husband will send himself to me by air express. We seldom quarrel, and even if we quarrel, we have to "quarrel with a style".  

Have we ever experienced the itch for seven years? If you want to itch, you can itch in any year. If you don't itch, you can not itch in any year. According to my personal experience, four years of marriage is the easiest to itch, and at that time I also had doubts about happiness. However, marriage has two veins, one is trusted and the other is responsibility. I remember that when I finished my doctoral degree in the United States and packed my bags to leave school, I cried and said to my husband in Taiwan Province, "Husband, I can't finish these things." He appeared in front of me the next night: "Your long-term worker reported to you!" This responsibility for my lover has moved me to this day. 

Marriage should be kept fresh, which requires keeping a humorous taste. Today, after we get along for 20 years, he occasionally sacrifices himself as a "clown", wearing an explosive wig or wearing few clothes as a strongman, which makes me laugh.  

I remember one time on TV when the host asked about his marital status, he mistook "married" for "divorced". When my friend asked, I realized that I had made a "gossip" and hurriedly called my husband: "What should I do? I heard that we are divorced. " He said: "Great, we can set up several tables to treat people and get a ticket." In our eyes, the storms in life can be solved humorously.  

In these trivial matters, the positive interaction between the two of us accounts for the vast majority, while the proportion of negative interactions such as quarrels and suspicions is minimized, so I feel that my family is very happy. Young people always ask me: "How to create positive interaction?" In my opinion, expressing gratitude, being willing to be responsible to each other, and making each other happy can counter the occasional negative effects in life.

Most of the time, we are always trying to find the handle of a happy family, wasting our time looking for it. As everyone knows, the real handle is yourself. Only when you become happy or know how to give happiness to others will happiness knock on your door.

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