Light a lamp in your heart

/September 2021

There is a friend, he is a primary school teacher, honest, even some cowardly, coupled with limited income, so there has been no sign of love. 

Parents are anxious, from time to time to beat around the bush, classmates, friends also give encouragement and support, but there is no way to make him really "stand up." 

Later, he simply cut himself off from any of his friends and lived a morning and twilight life in that remote primary school like a ghost, as if the world had forgotten him. 

His love and tomorrow are like smoke and nothingness in the distance, but they also make people helpless. 

It's hard for him to be confident when everyone thinks he's bad and looks down on him. 

One day a few years later, I received his wedding invitation, and he specially called to confirm: "Brother, you must come!" 

The tone is more fresh and hearty than ever before. 

At the wedding banquet, the couple was full of spring breeze. 

The bride is not beautiful, but her eyebrows are graceful and smiling. 

The bridegroom also changed his previous dejection and straightened his waist. what is more important is that the light in his eyes is burning, rather than the backwater he used to be. 

In the uproar of their friends, they talked about their experience of falling in love, and the story was insipid. 

But when they told the story with a smile, they thought it was a legend, the legend of both of them. 

The most important thing is the bride's supplementary speech, she said: "I chased him first, he is like coal, inconspicuous, not much different from the soil, but I found him." 

Only then did he know that he could burn. " 

The friend who once bowed his head when he saw a woman, after listening to the bride's confession, unexpectedly kissed the heroine excitedly in front of everyone, very heroic, not at all self-conscious. 

I know that he is grateful to her and wants to gag her more because the bride gives herself too much face. In such a scene, he has to take the initiative to admit that he is a woman chasing a man. He is really suffocated with happiness. 

The affirmation of bosom friend, the nourishment of love, such kind of love is the greatest emotional grace for men. 

This is the power given by love, or rather, the power of a bosom woman! 

The most precious love for a woman is to find that man is good, and he or she has never found it. In this way, to love a person is to save a person and make a man, because what she gives us not only to hand over her body and mind but also to light the lamp in a man's heart with her own eyes. 

Love a person, if you can make him more vitality, this kind of love is the most beloved, is the highest point of love! 

A man cares what the world thinks of him. 

A man is more concerned about what the women around him think of him. If it is cynicism, the lethality will be incalculable; if it is caring and inspiring, the sparks of the stars can spread into an endless prairie fire. 

Between men and women, apart from the passion for love, what is more, wonderful is that things like love and discerning eyes happen: I see your good, and I am the only one who sees it. 

In fact, every man has his inferiority complex more or less. 

Through their strong appearance, smart women will see their inner fragility and timidity. 

Sometimes, the love that men look forward to maybe the process of waiting for love Bole to dig. 

A woman's sincere understanding and understanding can bring a man a great sense of happiness, can make a man's heart full of courage, the intensity and strength of that kind of energy, perhaps many women have never experienced it in their whole life. 

In his last speech about retiring, Mr. Shi Zhenrong of Taiwan Acer Group publicly thanked the partners of his management team, and the most grateful one was his wife, who accompanied him through the extraordinary years of Acer's career development. 

Mr. Shi was in tears on the stage, and Mrs. Shi had mixed feelings. 

As the old saying goes, "there must be a good woman behind a successful man". In fact, the greatest contribution of a good woman is to give great inner support to her lover. 

Women need a sense of security, so do men, but what men want is the inspiration and appreciation of love, and every man needs the discovery of a lover. 

Men's love gives women happiness; women's love gives men strength.

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