Lights all the way

/September 2021

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After that heartbreaking emotional entanglement, she refused to open her heart easily and let the golden years flow away. 

He entered her line of sight only on the strong recommendation of her seven aunts. 

Relatives told her that there was only one good man left, and he was the last one. 

She was noncommittal, but she didn't want to brush off the kindness of those warm-hearted people. 

In fact, in her eyes, he is not excellent, plain, the family is not rich, the most important thing is that his work is not very good. 

He works on a television station on the hill on the edge of the town. His salary is not high, and he often works the night shift. Such a man must not take care of his family. This is not her type, and she shows consistent indifference to him. 

But he was not frightened by her indifference but showed great enthusiasm, and according to him, she was his goddess. 

There was a sneer in her heart, and it was only when she heard such words that she was deceived, and the sweet words of men could only deceive the true feelings of girls who were not familiar with the world. 

But his actions made it clear to her that he was sincere to her. 

Sometimes she also thought that beauty is easy to grow old, such a man is actually worthy of love, she also wants to unlock the shackles at the bottom of her heart, but when she thinks of his conditions, she hesitates, and she doesn't want to be mediocre for the rest of her life. 

In the midst of such procrastination, the love, which is supposed to be ripe in the eyes of outsiders, has not progressed for a long time. 

That afternoon, she went to his office to see him on business. 

When she was about to go home, rain blocked her way home. 

When the rain stopped, the lights were on, and the hill had already been shrouded in haze. 

He could not send her back, she knew that he could not leave the unit when he was on duty, and she did not want to stay in his unit at night, so that lonely men and women in the same room would certainly cause a lot of gossips, but she was afraid of the darkness. especially the silent darkness on the mountain road. 

After hesitating for a long time, she opened her mouth and whispered, "I should go back." 

He handed her a flashlight, smiled, and said, "all right, be careful." 

She felt a pain in her heart, and she thought that if he just said that he would give her a few steps, it would make her a little less afraid. 

But he didn't. 

As soon as she stamped her foot, without bothering to say goodbye to him, she turned around with a flashlight and walked into the night. 

But everything on the road really frightened her, and the bright moonlight sprinkled mottled bright spots through the swaying leaves, like ghosts with open teeth and claws, and the occasional miserable call or two of the Nighthawk in the forest added some treachery to the night and frightened her. 

She sang loudly, trying to allay her fear. 

At this time, the sound of "rustling" sounded behind her, and it seemed that there was always a ghost following her. 

She dared to look behind her, but there was nothing behind her. She laughed so much that she was so paranoid. 

Suddenly, she saw a light in the distance, which was the direction of his unit. The light was not strong, but it made her feel comforted and warm. 

She shook the flashlight in her hand in the direction of the light, which, unexpectedly, waved at her, too. 

Only then did she realize that he was standing at the height of the unit escorting her down the hill, trying to let the faint light dispel the loneliness and fear in her heart. 

With the light along the way, she had nothing to worry about and fear. 

Soon she arrived safely at home at the foot of the mountain, and she first dialed his number. 

She said to him calmly on the phone, "Let's get married." 

On the other end of the phone, he was at a loss for the unexpected happiness and murmured what to say. 

She snickered. 

She understands that the so-called happiness does not lie in the amount of money and status, happiness only lies in whether you can really give, and the person who can give her light all the way will certainly give her a lifetime of happiness.