Like your way

/October 2021

She showed me her notes and the review materials she bought. 

I said you don't have to save me like a savior, and I won't thank you. 

In that year, it was the youngest age. 

I am a famous bad student in my class. I often hang out with some bad friends who don't go to school. 

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Going to a key middle school depends entirely on the relationship of my parents. I ranked first from the bottom of the ranking of the whole school in the first year of senior high school. 

It is not easy to be at the bottom of more than a thousand students. 

The future is bleak. I only hope that the Air Force will come to the school to recruit pilots. Maybe I can join the army. 

After the headteacher arranged for her to be my deskmate, I knew that my mother must have looked for a teacher. 

My mother is well-intentioned. She wants this girl who studies well to drive me. 

She does study well, the top ten in the grade and the top three in our class. She often takes part in all kinds of competitions, but she is still the first person in the school to get paid for writing. 

But I'm hostile to her. 

I've always hated good students, and she is. 

He listens to the teacher and is the teacher's, right-hand man. He often goes to the copy room to print papers. 

In class, I wrote a note to her: "do you know the story of Snow White?" 

I thought she wouldn't talk to me, but she wrote under the note: "Yes." 

"do you know who the child she gave birth to after she got married?" 

I am deliberately making trouble with her, angry her away, I can have my table, that way, I am free again, look at the sky, listen to the birds, how nice! 

"I don't know." 

She wrote, "did she have a baby?" 

She finally fell into the trap! 

I wrote: "Snow White gave birth to a girl named Cinderella. She was disappointed that she had such an ugly child, so she divorced the prince." 

After I finished writing, I gave it to her, and she giggled and happened to be seen by the teacher, who said, "Why are you laughing?" 

As a result, she was ordered to stand up for a class. 

But I didn't piss her off as I wanted. 

In the following days, she forced me to do my homework, but I couldn't, so she asked me to copy hers. She showed me her notes and the review materials she bought. 

I said you don't have to save me like a savior, and I won't thank you. 

She smiled and said, "I want to see how capable I am of turning a person who comes first from the bottom of the exam into the second from the bottom of the exam." 

My self-esteem has been greatly hurt. 

"it's too contemptuous," I thought. "I must learn to show you!" 

From then on, I began to study hard. 

It turns out that learning can also be a lot of fun, when those previously particularly annoying math problems were turned into interesting things by me, I knew that I had changed. 

The first test is coming. 

It was an English exam, and I got an all-time high score of 69. To my surprise, my deskmate only got 65. 

What's wrong with this English class representative who scores more than 98 every time? 

The teacher praised me, but called her to the office and asked her if she was influenced by me. 

She said no, she was too careless. 

When she came back, she turned to me and said, "you are so smart. You surpassed me with a little effort." 

I was so shocked by this sentence that I didn't think I was smart. 

After that exam, I studied harder, and by the end of my first year of high school, my score had been ranked in the middle of the whole school. 

I said to her, who is still far ahead, "one day I will overtake you." 

Teachers and parents are very surprised at my change, only I know the reason for this change. 

In the twinkling of an eye, the busy high school life was over, and we went our separate ways. 

A few years later, I saw her again at the class reunion. 

She asked me, "do you remember that English exam?" 

"of course," I said, "you didn't do as much as I did." 

"No," she smiled, "in fact, I deliberately let you, let you build up confidence. 

I liked you at that time, but I just wanted to express it in this way. " 

When I said this, I already had an excellent girlfriend who and I were in graduate school at Peking University. 

My deskmate liked me? 

I was the most unpromising one at that time, and I didn't understand what was worth her liking. 

And she said, "I like the little notes you wrote. I kept them all. Unlike other boys, you have a sense of creativity and an innate sense of humor." 

Unfortunately, we divided the classes in the second year of high school, she went to the liberal arts class, and I became the key protection object in the school after the third year of high school, so we missed it in such a hurry. 

Now, I often think of her ordinary face. I know that it is such a girl who loves me in her way and changes everything about me. Every time I think of it, there are bursts of warmth in my heart.