Lincoln: Love is eternal

/September 2021

On November 14, 1842, Lincoln officially told his lover Mary? Todd proposed. They then went to a jewelry store and bought a wedding ring, on which a line was engraved: "Love is eternal".

Lincoln: Love is eternal. No one doesn't want their love to be eternal, but no one knows and longs for eternal love as deeply as Lincoln and Mary.

One day in March 1837, the Illinois State Assembly held the biggest dance in Springfield, where the state capital is located. The dance brought together almost all the political elites in the state and all the beautiful women in the city. Lincoln, a trainee lawyer at that time, was lucky to be invited to the dance. At the ball, a girl appeared, which made all the men's eyes shine.

The girl is Mary? Todd, while the men were courting Mary, Lincoln sat silently. His "maverick" caught Mary's attention. She refused to accept any invitation but took the initiative to dance with Lincoln. In her later words, she expected Lincoln to become president at that time. This year, Lincoln was 31 and Mary was 21.

Mary was born into a noble family. Her father is a famous banker in Illinois. She is smart and won the favor of her parents and friends. Unfortunately, when Mary was 6 years old, her mother died of illness, and the sky she loved suddenly collapsed. Soon, after the father remarried and the stepmother had her own children, the balance of love began to tilt. She doesn't bow to her stepmother and longs for a great person to love her and prove that she can get the best love in the world. After meeting Lincoln, she was proud by nature and firmly believed that she could become a president's wife.

At the ball where the elite gathered, Lincoln chose silence, not pride but inferiority. Because before he met Mary, he fell in love several times, and every time it failed.

The first girl who attracted Lincoln was his classmate Katie of Kentucky, who also had a good impression on Lincoln who was smart and diligent. But their relationship is as intermittent as Lincoln's studies. Later, Katie married James, the son of Lincoln's employer, because Lincoln was too poor. Lincoln, who has great self-esteem, chose to leave.

After leaving Kentucky, Lincoln went to Illinois. Through continuous efforts, he became a well-known lawyer in the state.

There is a girl named Caroline in Illinois, who was born in a famous local family with an elegant temperament and generous enthusiasm. Once, she invited Lincoln to attend the annual corn husking festival. All the participants were young men and women. According to the custom, the young man attending the meeting, no matter who finds corn husks with red ears, has the right to kiss the girl he loves, and the girl can't refuse whether she likes it or not. After the game started, Lincoln was caught in the crowd, and there was no red corn husk in his hand. Caroline was in a hurry, so she hurried to find the corn husks with red ears. After finding them, she handed them to Lincoln and gave her own kiss ... However, Caroline didn't go with Lincoln in the end, and she married a farmer who was also rich.

Because of poverty, Lincoln's love suffered setbacks. Even after he became a formal lawyer and had a stable income, he still went to Maicheng in love, so that he said, "Love is a very strange thing."

That year Lincoln was 25 years old. When he was in Salem, Mary? Owen broke into his life. Lincoln was fascinated by Owen's unique temperament. After several contacts, Lincoln couldn't wait to propose to Owen. Owen refused, the reason is that Lincoln appears stiff and wooden when men and women associate.

May be hit continuously, Lincoln gradually lost confidence in front of girls.

Soon, Lincoln was elected as a legislator of Illinois, and he came to Springfield, the state capital. At the ball held by the state legislature, Lincoln, who was disheartened by love, met Mary? Todd. Mary's appearance gave him great confidence, and he felt that Mary was his spiritual beacon.

After experiencing the ups and downs of emotions, Lincoln and Mary will enter the marriage hall, and the wedding will be held on New Year's Day in 1841. At this time, Lincoln was running around for his political ambitions. Therefore, it happened at this juncture that he missed the train number. When he hurried back to his residence, angry Mary resolutely broke up. No matter how Lincoln explained it, Mary couldn't change her mind.

After breaking up with Mary, Lincoln devoted himself to political activities to heal his soul. Once, Lincoln published Sangemon Diary under the pseudonym "Aunt Rebecca", refuting a political enemy named James. Coincidentally, this article was read by Mary, who appreciated the viewpoint of the article very much. Even more, coincidentally, Mary wrote a sequel and published it under the same pseudonym. James read articles criticizing himself continuously and felt insulted by Aunt Rebecca. In a rage, he offered to fight.

At this time, Lincoln bravely admitted that "Aunt Rebecca" was him, and said to take the battle. Thanks to the mediation of friends from both sides, a tragedy was avoided. Soon, the truth was published in the newspaper, and Mary didn't expect herself to be a sequel written for Lincoln; She was moved by such heroic behavior that he took on the responsibility of two people. In this way, a political essay sequel, let their love also has a "sequel". On November 14th, 1842, the legendary and great love in history finally appeared before people.

Although their education is different, their family background, personality, and hobbies are different, and they will inevitably bump into each other after marriage, their marriage has come to the end of their lives. On April 14th, 1865, Mary sat with Lincoln in the presidential box of Ford Grand Theatre in Washington. At 10: 30 in the evening, when the performance reached its climax, Booth, an actor who sympathized with the south in the civil war, made careful preparations, dived into Lincoln's box with a gun, and fired several shots at the back of Lincoln's head. Lincoln fell into Mary's arms.

Mary witnessed the darkest moment in the world and suffered the biggest blow in her life. Mary was once insane after her beloved went away. On July 16th, 1882, Mary's life came to an end. On her deathbed, her hands were still wearing their wedding ring. She was watching "love is eternal" and swallowed her last breath, with no pain on her face.

Yes, love is eternal, and nothing is more satisfying.

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