Live as a sacred lotus

/September 2021

She is the kind of cold and proud woman, with delicate facial features, a tall figure, eyebrows like spring mountains, and eyes like autumn waters. She is talented and extraordinary. When she is silent, she is like a cold flower. 

Many boys are chasing her, from junior high school, along the way, high school, university, to work, so many that she can't count herself. She always politely refuses others and never leaves the room.  

Until she was 28 years old, standing on the edge of youth, her parents were anxious like ants on hot bricks, asking people to introduce her to her and looking for opportunities to promote her marriage. She said faintly: "Don't be busy, blind date. I won't go, save your strength!"  

She said this because she met a man she liked, who was her boss, and divorced. At first, because everyone is a colleague, the company stipulates that people who work in the same company can't talk about marriage. Later, knowing his divorced identity made her embarrassed. Was she hungry? How do people see themselves when they know?  

I like that person for almost two years. She knows it well and he knows it well, but enough paper is not broken, because she lacks the courage to admit her choice, and because he lacks the courage to bear her love, so no one will tell.  

Men are courting her, women are courting him, and she finally can't help but ask him to meet in a cafe across the street.  

That day, she sat at the window of the cafe, ordered a cup of fragrant mocha, watched him park a good car outside the window, and walked far away, suddenly a fawn was having fun in her heart.  

He sat opposite her, smiled warmly, ordered a cup of black coffee, and asked her, "What do you have to say here?" She smiled and said, "would you like to force marriage and rob relatives?"  

He said: "I'm not the only one, and I'm beautiful. At present, which man would be unwilling? Just what do you like about me? You are such an excellent girl, I know I am not good enough for you. You are so tall that you are taller than me in high heels. " She smiled and said, "I don't have to wear high heels, so we look generally tall."  

He said: "You have never been married, but I have been labeled as divorced, which is unfair to you." She said: "This is a bit difficult. I can't find a man to get divorced just to look equal to you."? If a man hasn't experienced something, he is a blank sheet of paper. How can he know how to cherish it? I like the vicissitudes of your life. "  

He said: "We both work in the same company. According to the company's regulations, colleagues are not allowed to fall in love." She said: "This is not a thing. I can design and change to another company."  

He said: "You have a high degree, good conditions, and beautiful appearance. Why do you take a fancy to my crooked neck tree?" She said: "Like is the reason, there is no reason to speak."  

All his difficult problems are a cinch to her, only for her liking, only for obeying her heart. Because of deep love, I will feel inferior; Because of deep love, I will lower my attitude; Because of deep love, it will be as low as dust. She is so, so isn't he?  

A woman in love is the most beautiful, because of love, she seems to be a different person. He said he liked to eat fish, so she changed from a princess to a cook. She slaughtered, washed and cooked, smoked and sweated, and fought a fish to the end. His hands were scalded by hot air, his face was splashed with hot oil, and his heart was annoyed and irritated, but he just gave a surprise or praise softly: "Oh, it's delicious! It's better than my mother's burning! " Her chagrin and irritability instantly turned into a blooming smile on her lips.  

On the day he proposed to her, he said, "In this life, if you can meet someone who makes you give up your self-esteem, give up your self-esteem, and love at all costs, it's really rare. If you don't love that person, please don't hurt. If you happen to like others, what are you waiting for? Hold hands quickly. If you miss a moment, you may miss your whole life. I don't want to miss you, so please put on my ring. "  

Her smile is no longer like a cold flower, but a happy lotus looking at the sun.

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