Live with the advantages of your lover

/September 2021

A girl has only been married for half a year, and her pink face will soon lose weight, like a dying flower. She sighed and frowned. When she saw me, she said, "I am still that person. Why is it different when I get married?" Where did the original mango? " I smiled and asked her, "What are you talking about? What is this person that person? " 

She smiled, too, and said, "That's the man! Before marriage, the man was not charming, but he was humorous and free; Before getting married, that person was not a gentleman, but he also cared for me: before getting married, that person was not well-proportioned, but he was still in the eye. How come everything changes when you get married? All these advantages of him are gone, and the rest are full of shortcomings. It's not love, hate is not, worry! "

"For the simplest example, after a few days of marriage, the family was in a mess, old newspapers were littered everywhere, clothes were hung everywhere, shoes and socks were flying around, and things were disorganized. The most maddening thing was that the man didn't love me as much as before. Once upon a time, I said I wanted to eat apples. In winter, he would run all over the street covering his down jacket, and buy me apples. Now I say that I have a cold and a headache. He is holding the computer and has not returned his head. He said that the medicine is in the drawer and he takes it himself. " The girl sighed and said, "Where did the old mango?"

I smiled, too, and said, "The man is still in your home. What you saw before was the hardcover edition, but now what you see is the paperback edition. You used to stand in the clouds, but now you fall into your life from the clouds. It is impossible for the person who is groping with you in life to talk to you with a book in his arms every day, and it is even more impossible to talk to you with his head up every day when he is in love. If you are married and still stay in love, there are only two results, either you are sick or you are exhausted. "

How can it be the same before and after marriage? After marriage, we will not always be in a hormonal imbalance period. On ordinary and trivial days, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea are opposite day and night. How can there be no aesthetic fatigue? No matter how romantic or beautiful the day is, it will be overwhelmed by trivial life. Clever and wise people will turn a blind eye after marriage, turning a blind eye to see the advantages of the person around them, and closing one eye to shield the shortcomings of the person around them, which is conducive to the overall stability. If you always seize the shortcomings of your lover, how can you live that day? 

Learning to live with your lover's advantages is the greatest wisdom in marriage. When you see your lover's shortcomings, you see yourself. The lover is a mirror. You can't ask others to have any faults, but your faults can be seen everywhere. After all, no one is perfect. Who can guarantee that you have no faults?

Not only marriage but also getting along with others in life. If you stare at other people's shortcomings every day or even put sesame's big shortcomings under a microscope, you can't live in peace.

Learn to live with others' merits, learn to seek happiness and warmth with others' merits, and discover others' merits more. It is a kind of positive energy, which can transmit and influence each other, and then life will be happy and stable. This kind of life is what we have been looking for all our lives.

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