Love against time

/September 2021

"Come, have another bite, will you?"  

"Chopsticks should use the power of fingers, not in the palm of your hand."  

"Take a step forward, take another step, take your time, don't be afraid!"  

Eating for the first time, using chopsticks for the first time, walking for the first time … At first, glance, are these words like parents patiently teaching their children? But at present, a 26-year-old young girl couldn't understand his language. She smiled foolishly at him, twisted a corner of her clothes, and the saliva at her mouth involuntarily flowed down. Suddenly, she burst into tears, tears like broken beads ...  

He quickly picked up a towel and wiped it gently. He attached it to her ear and comforted softly: "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, I have you ..."  

As he spoke, his nose was sour and his eyes were hot. He was worried that she would see her tears, so he turned quickly and couldn't help thinking of the past.  

At that time, he was a fourth-grade master sergeant in the army. Every time he went home to visit relatives, his parents and elders were busy setting up an object for him, but the woman heard that he had no room and was far away from the army, and several blind dates went away. 

Until I met her—  

"Seek for a flattering cream wedding dress and won't drill a hole in your wallet? This section solves your searching troubles instantly."

He came straight to the point: "I am serving in the army. I am not sure when I will retire. I may not have time to accompany you ..."  

She treats each other with sincerity: "As long as we are sincere, no matter how long, I will wait for you to come back!"  

A simple and sincere word melted each other's hearts. Although separated from each other, mobile phones shorten the distance between them. After a little leisure time, they took their mobile phones and loved each other. The geese spread frequently, and their feelings got better and better, so they decided to get married  

But disaster runs faster than happiness!  

That day, he got the reply of the marriage report from the army, and both of them were immersed in happiness. In the evening, they came back from the army after dinner, and walked hand in hand, thinking about the future. At this time, a drunk drove the truck staggered from behind, and the lights were blurred ... With the emergency brake sound, he and she were thrown out far away ...  

When he woke up, he was covered in scars. And she is still in a coma, with all kinds of pipes all over her body and her hair shaved.  

The doctor said: She suffered a severe head injury, excessive blood stasis, and was in danger at any time. She should have a craniotomy immediately.  

Heart, and his signature hand, kept shaking together ...  

In the following days, three consecutive critically ill notices appeared in front of him.  

He stayed in front of her bed day and night, holding her hand, calling her name over and over again, reading mobile phone text messages affectionately, and playing her favorite songs constantly ... Twenty days later, her eyelids moved, and slowly opened her eyes.  

"Look at me, I am your fiance!" He cried earnestly.  

But she looked blank, didn't respond, and couldn't even say a word.  

"Although the rescue came over, the brain was hit hard and lost its memory. The intelligence is equivalent to a three-year-old child." What the doctor said was like a bolt from the blue. He stupidly froze in place and couldn't return to God for a long time. After much thought, he decided to show his heart to his parents and went to the army to take a long vacation to take care of her life wholeheartedly.  

Because he stayed in bed for a long time, he turned her over every hour to prevent bedsore; Afraid of her muscle rigidity, he massaged her whole body for two hours every night; He fed her food and taught her how to use chopsticks. Teach her to practice walking, talk, and read … as if to teach a child, even a little progress, he is excited. Gradually, her eyes began to shine.  

Two years later, they got married with the blessings of their loved ones. Facing a full table of relatives and friends, he put a wedding ring on her in a wheelchair. It was the first time he saw her smile, so happy, so happy, so sweet.  

Some people say that the best one is not you from the stars, but you from around you. For him, the most romantic thing is to grow up with her and grow old with her. In the face of relentless years, they love each other against time.