Love and happiness

/October 2021

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When a person loves you madly, and you have no feelings for it, you may feel a trace of vanity to be loved, but more, it is a kind of worry, a kind of guilt. 

The person who loves you will always appear where you appear, maybe he (she) will call it "fate", but God knows whether the so-called "fate" is arranged on purpose. 

People who love you are sometimes like "paparazzi" spying on the privacy of stars, making you unavoidable and vexed. 

Moreover, he (she) will always do you a favor openly or silently, taking care of the chores around you. 

People who love you call it "giving of love". However, this is essentially an investment, an emotional investment. 

If you give, you must yearn for love in return. 

It is because of this that for loved ones, the more help they get, the more guilt they feel, just like borrowing a lot of money and being unable to repay it. 

Rejecting each other is a kind of harm to others; accepting each other is cruel to yourself! 

No matter which choice you make, you always have to face the pain. 

The falling flowers are intentional, but the running water is ruthless! 

Unrequited love, that is, the so-called "unrequited love", is even more torturing and hurting people. 

For the one you love, you can only appreciate her from afar because she doesn't love you. 

Even if there are thousands of declarations of love in the heart, it can only be buried in the depths of the heart, painstakingly suppressed. 

The more you love, the more it hurts! 

Remember the lyrics of "knowing the bitterness of lovesickness": before I knew you, I had nothing to rely on. After knowing you, there was no medicine to cure me. 

Another medicine can cure lovesickness-each other's love! 

The heart disease still needs the heart medicine doctor, the solution bell also needs to tie the bell person. 

Unfortunately, since it is "unrequited love", that is to say, the antidote to this disease will never be available, and it can be regarded as "there is no cure". 

Can only let the passage of time, will slowly take away the pain …... 


Flowers fall and water flows. 

A kind of Acacia, two places idle sorrow, this feeling has no way to eliminate, just under the eyebrow, but on the heart! 

At this time, the so-called "Acacia" is the yearning of mutual love, often with a trace of sweetness and happiness in melancholy. 

Because this is the yearning for your lover, your lover may also resonate with you in another place far away. 

However, this kind of lovesickness is deeper, more difficult, and more inextricable than unrequited love. 

One day without seeing each other is like three years apart! 

Even if I try not to think about her in my heart, I will still dream about her in my dream. When I wake up, I will find that everything is still the same, and I will only miss her more. 

Acacia people, often do not think about food and tea, can not sleep at night, over some time, the face is more and more haggard, people also gradually emaciated. 

As a result, there is a saying: the clothing belt is getting wider and wider, and you will not regret it at the end, and you will pining away for Iraq. 


Lovers may care too much about each other, and they are often afraid of each other's empathy, hoping that they can lock each other's love with a safe that can never be opened, so as not to let it deteriorate when it comes into contact with the air outside. 

Therefore, the lover is not only a lover, but also a "detective Sherlock Holmes": whenever the other party has any signs of infidelity, he will secretly pay attention, or question him or her face to face. 

No wonder there is such "advice" in today's love books: never praise other women in front of girlfriends or wives; never praise other men in front of boyfriends or husbands! 

So even if two people are together, they still can't feel comfortable, have to set aside a mind to observe each other's movements, and have to worry about whether the other person can't resist the temptation of the outside world. especially when the other person has more contact with other members of the opposite sex because of work, it is full of a sense of crisis. 

If you want to enjoy the happiness of love, you must avoid the pain of love. 

Therefore, the true happiness of love should be: two love each other, two people together, trust each other!