Love at the fingertips

/October 2021

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My friend told me a dusty story about her for a long time, which sounded quite moving. 

At the age of 20, she put on her wedding dress early. 

The day before the wedding, a high achiever, who was in high school, asked her best friend to send her a diamond ring and begged her to wear it on the ring finger of her right hand to get married. 

She flatly refused the unreasonable request and returned the diamond ring intact. 

She said to me, "later, every time I thought of him giving me a diamond ring and making such an absurd request, I always felt a sweet sadness." 

This feeling only belongs to youth. 

After that, like all girls who love beauty, she tried her best to make herself more beautiful, but she never wore a ring. 

Asked why, she said, "I don't wear a ring because I don't like it, but after that time, I always felt a blue fire on the ring finger of my right hand." 

If you wear it, you will be in danger of getting burned, so you don't want to wear it. " 

The feelings of friends seem exaggerated, but they are real. 

When I was young, I secretly fell in love with a girl who was in the age of cardamom. I wrote my hot feelings on a piece of paper, folded it into a concentric lock that could be kept secret, and put it in my trouser pocket, waiting for a chance to give it to her. 

However, I was embarrassed to see her off in the classroom. I waited by the side of the road where she had to go home. When I saw her, I dared not hand it over. 

There are plenty of opportunities, but they can't catch them. 

Every time my fingers touched the letter, I felt as if I had been burned, so I had to put my hand outside and cover it through my pants. 

I have been foolishly clutching, clutching a piece of affectionate note, covering my heart's hot secret. 

Tie Ning, a famous writer, made an ebullient speech at the 2010 China-Spain Literature Forum. 

Among them, it tells the secret love story of a female soldier of the Eighth Route Army, which is impressive. 

That year, the 14-year-old female soldier of the Eighth Route Army secretly fell in love with a young soldier who was several years older than her, but she never dared to express her love, and he did not pay attention to it, and the two foolishly interacted with each other. 

One day, the soldier was sent to the front to fight, and she and other comrades-in-arms went to see them off. 

There is a lot of bad luck and bad luck, and this parting may be a farewell. 

She knew it in her heart, but she didn't dare to speak out the love and worry hidden in her heart. 

There was a passion in her heart, but she could not bear it all the time. 

She huddled in the farewell line and walked along the courtyard wall of a family at the entrance of the village. 

It was a typical dry-hit earthen wall in the northern countryside. She walked all the way, subconsciously paddling hard on the earthen wall with her fingers to the end of the earthen wall, and the boy who had a crush on him disappeared into the vast wilderness. 

Later, when she heard the news of his sacrifice, a man ran to the entrance of the village to cry. 

Seeing the finger marks scratched by her on the dirt wall, as if he were still there, heavy grief surged in. 

Years later, when she was in her eighties, she said to tie Ning, "when I think of my first love, my fingertips still feel a burning sensation." 

The burning feeling comes from the burning flame of the passion of first love. 

First love is the scorching sun at the fingertips, and the fuse that ignites this fire is the first love between the hearts. 

Because ten fingers are connected to the heart. 

Unfortunately, the hot sun at the fingertips comes too fast, jumps too high, and burns too fiercely, and most of them end up extinguishing quickly and are not easy to reignite. 

First love is always unrequited love, it can not escape fate without a disease, just like a meteor cutting through the night sky, the moment is eternal, and like the scorching sun burning at the fingertips, burning for a lifetime.