Love chocolate-1

/October 2021

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Minako is a freelance writer. Valentine's Day is coming, she promised to write a holiday feature for a newspaper, but the deadline is coming soon, Minako still has no inspiration. She wanted to go shopping and unwittingly came to a chocolate store. People come and go to the shop, and many young girls are choosing chocolates for Valentine's Day.

Minako wondered absent-mindedly, and inadvertently, a beautiful woman caught her attention. The woman is elegantly dressed, carrying bags and leather shoes are very tasteful. She bought a large plate of chocolate and told the clerk not to pack it when she checked out. Minako is a little strange. At this time, chocolate is usually given as a gift, so why not wrap it?
Minako walked around the store again when she saw the woman standing in the corner, opening the box of chocolates and staring blankly at the chocolates wrapped in silver foil. The woman looked at it for a while, then put the chocolate back in the box, re-pasted the tape, and then put it back on the shelf.
Minako's curiosity was aroused, and she quietly watched the woman. I saw that the woman bought another chocolate of another brand, but also didn't ask the shop assistant to pack it. After getting the chocolate, she went to the corner of the store and opened the box. This time, the woman seemed satisfied. She nodded hard, carefully peeled off the gold foil from the chocolate, broke a piece and ate it, and then put most of the remaining chocolate into the bag.
The woman stood motionless after eating the chocolate. Because she turned her back to Minako, Minako didn't know what she was doing. After a while, the woman put on her gloves and walked forward with her bag.
Just then, there was a sudden power outage in the store, and everyone panicked. Fortunately, the electricity came in less than ten seconds. Minako saw that all the things in the woman's bag were scattered on the floor, including chocolates, powder cartridges, lipstick, spare stockings, wallets, tissue paper. Scattered all over the floor. Minako hurriedly came forward to help the woman pick it up, and the woman thanked her again and again.
Minako picked up the chocolate and stared curiously. When the woman saw it, she smiled and said, "if you like, I'll give it to you. I just bought it. I just broke a piece and tasted it." With that, the woman turned and left.
Minako was also impolite and took the chocolate and began to eat it. After only one bite, she was stunned-the chocolate tasted so good! The woman bought the kind of chocolate she didn't eat before, and Minako ate it, but it tasted much worse. Minako thought to herself: this is mysterious. Does that woman have the ability to tell whether chocolate is good or bad just by touch?
Minako was walking around the store while eating chocolate when she happened to see the woman walking in front of her. Out of curiosity, she followed her out. The woman walked to the front of the police station. There was a policeman standing guard at the door of the police station. The woman raised her left hand to the policeman and waved. To Minako's surprise, the policeman suddenly jumped up, just like a rabbit.
Did that woman cast some magic on the police? At this time, the woman turned and walked back. she put on her gloves and walked with a smile as if she could not help smiling. Minako stared at the woman all the time, and by the time he turned to the police, he had regained his upright and motionless appearance, as if the magic had been broken in an instant.
Minako was still thinking about it until she got home, but she couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation.
The next night, Minako talked about it when she was dating her boyfriend Sazhu. Minako said, "does that woman have superpowers?" After touching it, she found that the chocolate was not delicious, so she put it back on the shelf. Magic to make the police dance, maybe it was her little prank. "
Zuozhu is a private investigator. after listening to this, he thought for a while and said, "in fact, you don't need superpowers, you can explain it only by reasoning in daily life."
Minako suddenly became interested: "tell me about it!"