Love chocolate-2

/October 2021

Zazu said with a smile: "I just guess that somewhere there is a man who falls in love with a woman. He is very upset and wants to let the woman know what he wants." 

On this day, he finally made up his mind to give a gift to the woman. 

The man gave me a ring, and he said to the woman if you are willing to go out with me, wear this ring and come to me. If you don't want to, lose the ring. 

With that, the man stuffed the jewelry box containing the ring to the woman, turned, and ran away. " 

Sahu said women have long been in love with men, so open the jewelry box, want to immediately put on the ring to show the man. 

But the woman found a big problem: the man did not know the size of the woman's ring, so the ring bought was too small and the woman's fingers were too thick to wear. 

It will take at least a week to change the size of the ring, and the wrapping paper of the jewelry box has been removed. The woman doesn't know where she bought it and can't exchange it, and the woman wants to tell the man her heart right away. 

If you say to a man that he is not the right size to wear, then the man will feel guilty because he is too careless and spoil the atmosphere of the romantic moment. 

At this time, the woman had a flash of inspiration and came up with a good idea. 

Because the man is on duty, can not get close to her, so she only needs to wave to the man in the distance, which can convey the message. 

In that case, you don't have to wear a ring, just wave something golden and thin that looks like a ring on your hand. 

The woman thought of the gold foil wrapping paper of chocolate. 

At this point, Minako understood: "so, the first chocolate she bought."... " 

"The first piece of chocolate wrapping paper was silver foil, not the gold foil she wanted, so she put the chocolate back on the shelf. 

Fortunately, the second chocolate was wrapped in gold foil. She only tore off the size she needed, folded it long and thin, rolled it around her finger, put on gloves, and went to find the man. She was so excited that she accidentally knocked over the bag. 

You should know what happened next, right? " 

Minako said excitedly: "the man is the policeman, and the woman waved her left hand to the man, which is the signal of put on the ring', so the policeman jumped for joy." 

Sahu said, "Yes, the police are also human beings. When they see such a signal, they will inevitably jump for joy." 

When Minako heard this, she suddenly stood up and left. Sahu asked her what was wrong. Minako said excitedly, "your reasoning is really good!" 

Now that I have to rush back to write Valentine's Day feature, I finally know what to write. "

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