Love garbled

/October 2021

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It is not because of love that women in the world embark on the journey of marriage, but many of them, when parting ways with their former loved ones, do not die of love, but because they have to. 

Like the beginning of all similar stories, Ann, the wife, intuitively discovers that her husband has a "situation"--. 

He always says that there are a lot of things at work, and he goes home later and later, but he works more and more over time. Sometimes when he gets home in the middle of the night, the chair is not hot, but the phone follows him. 

After a while, he looked so tired and careless in his words and deeds that he even ignored his family's birthday. 

And then, every time he ran to the balcony to answer the phone. 

Put down the phone and hurried out of the house. 

In a similar situation, there seems to be a multi-solution problem in front of married women-attack or escape? 

I need her to answer as soon as possible. 

We have seen all kinds of answers since the beginning of this kind of story. 

Some wives cry loudly and hit the unit; some wives are crying and complaining; some wives are nagging and sad; some wives are secretive and make secret visits, and even buy a camera to catch adultery in bed all the time-the ark of emotion encounters countercurrent, and the panicked woman has only one belief in her heart, and no matter what method she uses, she must hold on to him. 

The wife often thinks that I am so unreasonable just because I love you, while the husband thinks that if you act like that, how can you still have love? 

In this way, the disturbing emotional information is mistakenly received as the garbled code of love. 

An is different from those women, she did not make an arbitrary choice, she quietly found her "romantic rival". 

Only to find that things are not what they thought they were. 

The so-called rival in love is a hypochondriac in a wheelchair. She is only the helper of her "caring volunteer" husband. 

As a result, she helped her gain the independence of her personality, helped her restore her walking legs, and freed her husband from the burden of love. 

A family that seems to be coming through wind and rain is calm again. 

Love is not in vain, the way of love is as important as love itself. 

Both men and women should love in a way that is acceptable to each other, otherwise, you give love, but the other person does not feel it, or even misplace transmission, resulting in a rebellious mentality, so that emotions are poles apart. 

Don't ask him if he loves you all day long, what he feels is pale hypocrisy; don't ask others to verify his whereabouts, he will lose his self-esteem; don't let him explain a strange mobile phone number, he will become angry; don't argue with him in public, what he will feel will be humiliated. 

Although it is all because of loving him, maybe it is better to give heartless applause, a cup of strong coffee, or a silent glance.

It is said that nowadays, a new concept of evaluation and introduction is popular in the field of psychology in Europe and America, which is called "loving business". 

As a measure of emotional wisdom, it is valued as much as IQ and EQ. 

Love a person, but also have the ability and wisdom to love, no matter how much you love him, don't simply impose your will on him. 

Don't wait until you leave to figure out that your love for him has never changed.