Love has faded and the wind is light

/September 2021

Anyone can see that he went to great lengths to organize the classmate reunion, all for her sake. 

That year, under the flowers and trees on campus, their love was also blooming. 

But three times the flowers bloom and die, but love does not bear fruit. 

It is not who has failed whom, the distance between the two cities has become a helpless obstacle. 

After the breakup, she wrote to him with tears in every word. 

He dare not reply, because he really does not have the ability to cross the two cities, so that love has a satisfactory result. 

He heard that she had had a serious illness and that she had cut off her long hair. Every news of her made his heartache to death. 

Over the years, he worked hard and finally made a world. 

The scenery of his career can not make up for his inner loneliness. 

Over the years, he married twice and divorced twice. 

He knows very well that he has not been able to love with all his heart. 

Losing her is a heartbreaking pain. He hasn't been able to recover from it for many years, and his feelings are still lingering in the same place. 

The students arrived one by one at the party. 

She was the last to come, wearing an elegant white dress with the same elegant demeanor. 

He was suddenly moved, and he once said that he liked her best in a white dress. 

For years, she remembers. 

He greeted him with a deep feeling that could not be hidden in his eyes. He took her hand and said, "how beautiful your white dress is!" 

She smiled heartily and said, "this dress is just bought for me by my husband." 

He said that he should dress nicely for the reunion and should not embarrass him. " 

He smiled awkwardly. 

He had heard that she married a very ordinary husband, and they were not well off, buying a house and borrowing money everywhere. 

He always remembered that she liked Haizi's poems and promised her a big house facing the sea with spring flowers blooming. 

Now, he is fully capable of keeping his promise, as long as she wants to. 

Everyone talked a lot after a few glasses of wine. 

Some people teased them that they were golden boys and girls on campus at that time and should have a drink together. 

He was sweet in his heart, but he refused to raise his glass. 

But she smiled generously and said, "come on, let's drink to the past!" 

After dinner, he took everyone to sing. 

He ordered a song "Love for a lifetime", which he sang to her many years ago, which she liked best. 

"come alone under the moon, the place where we met in the old days." 

He sang so passionately that the past came to mind. 

His thoughts tumbled, it was hard to control his feelings, and tears came to his eyes. 

However, she didn't look at him at all. 

He saw her tilting her head and whispering to her female classmates, covering her mouth and smiling. 

Suddenly, there was something wrong with the KTV stereo and the music stopped abruptly. 

He clearly heard her saying loudly, "my son is so handsome. He showed his face on a TV show when he was in primary school."... " 

He was very depressed. 

It turned out that she didn't hear him sing at all. 

Everything he did was a one-act play directed and acted in his own wishful thinking. 

For her, the love she once had has long been light. 

He and she have the same love story. 

The difference is that he regarded the past as a cocoon, trapped in it, and never came out, while she, unable to love, broke the cocoon into a butterfly, pulled out, and flew to her own station of happiness.

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