Love has no plan

/October 2021

When the flowers are in full bloom in spring, what I want to share with you is a love story: 

There is a boy who is very interested in unlocking and has developed a unique skill that can open all kinds of safes. 

Because he was so amazing that he didn't show a trace, there was nothing the police could do about him. 

Not long ago, he did another job and stole what was said to be the most difficult vault to open. 

On this day, the boy had nothing to do and strolled around in a shopping mall when he came across a girl in the elevator. 

This is the kind of girl he likes. 

It was a godsend. The girl made a mistake and left a notebook when she got out of the elevator. 

The boy picked it up and recorded the girl's daily life. 

The boy suddenly made up his mind. According to the girl's preference, he approached the girl and slowly won her heart. 

Come and go, they fell in love. 

One day, the girl invited the boy to be a guest at home, and the boy was extremely happy. 

Out of "professional" sensitivity, he found that there was a small cafe in the girl's house, which could not help itching for a moment, and secretly opened it while it was off guard. 

Unexpectedly, there was a little raccoon he gave to the girl! 

For a moment, the boy had mixed feelings and suddenly had the idea of quitting his hands. 

After dinner, they went to a movie hall in a shopping mall to see a movie as promised. 

Suddenly, there was an uproar in the crowd, and it was rumored that a child had been locked in the vault, and the cry of "save the child" was vaguely heard. 

Hearing this, the girl hurriedly picked up the boy and ran over. 

The mall security guard on one side said that the key to the vault had been taken away by the person in charge and could not be reached for the time being. 

The oxygen in the vault is limited, and the child's life is worrying. 

"break it open!" 

The girl is in a hurry. 

"No, it will hurt the child." 

"what are we going to do?" 

The girl looked at the boy as if she were crying for help. 

The boy was puzzled at this time: should he open the vault or not? 

If you don't open it, the child will certainly be hopeless; if you do, how should you explain it? 

Finally, he stamped his foot forward and said, "Let me try." 

Soon, the vault opened, but the boy was dumbfounded: the vault was empty! 

In a trance, a pair of handcuffs handcuffed him tightly. 

Originally, the girl was a policeman, and all this was her plan. 

The girl said that there are only two such vaults in the country, one here and the other, the one that the boy opened when he stole. 

"No one in the world can open it but you." 

With that, she gave the boy to her colleague. 

The girl was promoted but resigned immediately. She didn't say that a plan is a plan, but love is also love. 

When she got home, the girl saw that the safe at home was half open. when she saw it, there was a letter left by the boy, which said, "I'm going to turn myself in for you." 

In an instant, the girl burst into tears.

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