Love in glasses

/September 2021

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When she first met him, she once sat in front of the computer reading the manuscript, rubbed her eyes carelessly, and said, "It hurts!" I didn't expect him to have a heart. When I came the next time, I brought a pair of glasses. He took the glasses out of the glasses case and carefully put them on her. She asked casually, "How much is it?" He smiled coldly: "It's worthless."  

At that time, she had just fallen out of love and was disheartened and refused to believe in love anymore. Accept him, just to fill the inner emptiness and loss: it's always good to have someone by your side. But she has always been indifferent to him, thinking in her heart that he is not her final choice. He is a very ordinary man. How can he understand her romantic feelings? She casually watched him wash her sheets and clothes, cook her favorite braised carp, and buy her favorite books and snacks. She will be moved by him occasionally, but only occasionally. Her passion and love seem to have been stripped away from her body with that person's departure.  

Although she spends a long time in front of the computer every day, she doesn't often wear the glasses he gave her. She has a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, and glasses will hide her beauty. Therefore, the exquisite glasses case has been lying quietly in the drawer of her computer desk, just like the epiphyllum in the middle of the night. After quietly bursting, it is a long silence.  

Later, they finally broke up. She is a stubborn person, a love that can't get into marriage, and she has no intention of letting it start.  

The days are still passing lightly, and she still stays up late to write manuscripts every day, staying in front of the computer in the middle of the night. In those days, to catch up with the editor's manuscripts, she stayed up all night. In the morning, her beautiful phoenix eye was red and swollen, and she couldn't open it. She rubbed it hard, and it was very painful. At work, colleagues were afraid to look her in the eye. The doctor looked her in the eye and complained that she didn't know how to equip herself with glasses when using the computer.  

On her way back, she stopped by the optical shop where her sister worked to get glasses. She said she wanted glasses to prevent computer radiation. My sister said, "Don't you have those glasses? It's in your computer drawer. Why are you useless all the time? No wonder your eyes are like this ... "She remembered that the pair of glasses in the drawer, which was the best thing to protect her, had been ignored. She glanced at the price tag of that kind of glasses on the counter and was startled. She thought that a pair of ordinary glasses cost more than 600 pieces, which was almost his monthly salary. 

Go home and put on the glasses he bought for her again. Behind the thin lenses, she suddenly burst into tears. She finally understood the love he had hidden in glasses: beautiful eyes can only be protected from harm by glasses, just like love. No matter how beautiful and romantic love is, it needs a gentle and meticulous heart to care for it!